Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bless This Mess series premiere TV billboards...

Bless This Mess series premiere billboard
If you're looking for a much needed laugh, then maybe ABC's new fish-out-of-water comedy Bless This Mess will be able to supply some udderly refreshing chuckles this season.
Bless This Mess series billboard
Dax Shepard and Lake Bell star as the recently married couple who inherit a rural Nebraska farm and leave the rat race of New York City to try their hands at growing alfalfa, despite being clueless about agriculture.
Bless This Mess TV series billboard
These special extension cut-out billboard were spotted standing out along Melrose Avenue and Vine Street on March 27, 2019.

Fans of Dax Shepard can also check out these CHiPs movie remake billboards from 2017.
Bless This Mess season 1 billboard
Can this music journalist and therapist make it as farmers, or will they live to regret giving up the skyscrapers for a not-so-simple life on the farmstead?

Only time will tell whether audiences will grow to love this messy new sitcom.
Bless This Mess series launch billboard

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