Friday, February 15, 2019

Proven Innocent series premiere TV billboards...

Proven Innocent series premiere billboard
Crime procedurals and legal dramas have been a staple of television networks for years and this new TV season another offering gets added to the ranks, Proven Innocent.

Under the Dome's Rachelle Lefevre stars as 'Madeline Scott', a lawyer who was wrongfully convicted in a sensational murder case under the media spotlight, who spent ten years in prison for a crime she didn't commit.
Proven Innocent series launch billboard
Now her underdog criminal defense firm that she runs with Grimm's Russell Hornsby, the very lawyer who helped are her, help other innocent people who have been incarcerated.

However sometimes when you're trying to do good you make some enemies, like Kelsey Grammer's 'Gore Bellows', the prosecutor who originally put her behind bars and still believes she's guilty.
Proven Innocent Fox series billboard
These series launch billboards were spotted along Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard and the Sunset Strip from January 23 to February 6, 2019.

Plus be sure to check out more of Kelsey Grammer in these Boss series billboards and these billboards for The Last Tycoon.
Proven Innocent series billboard
Being presumed innocent until proven guilty is a basic human right in civil society and democracies around the world, so let's hope that still holds true in these United States for a long time to come.

And on that note, enjoy your freedom to its fullest extent this long Presidents Day Weekend.
Proven Innocent season 1 billboard

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