Thursday, February 21, 2019

Flack series premiere TV billboards...

Flack series premiere billboard
Move over 'Olivia Pope' and 'Ray Donovan', there's a new celebrity scandal fixer in town in Flack.
Anna Paquin Flack series billboard
Anna Paquin stars as 'Robyn', an American publicist living in London specializing in clearing up the messes of her hapless and selfish clients, and whilst she's totally in control of her client's image, her own personal life is spinning out of control.
Flack Pop series billboard
These series launch billboards which evoke the covers of trashy gossip magazines were spied along Melrose Avenue and Highland Avenue from February 13 to February 19, 2019.
Flack series launch billboard
Anna Paquin fans can also check out all these True Blood billboards, in which she starred for seven seasons.

Let's hope this crisis PR dramedy doesn't draw too much flack for being too derivative of the shows with similar premises that have come before.
Flack limited series billboard

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