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The BABs - Best Advertising Billboard Awards 2018...

The Golden Globes, the Grammys, the Oscars, the BABS, all coveted industry accolades that people are vying for this awards season. How time flies when you're having fun, as today Daily Billboard presents our eighth annual Best Advertising Billboard Awards where we shine a spotlight on some of the most creative outdoor ads and out-of-home gimmicks that have graced L.A.'s sprawling skyline in the past twelve months. Buckle up for a veritable eyegasm as we showcase the best television, movie, music, drinks, copy-only, fashion and more billboards and ad campaigns from 2018.

The Nun special extension cut-out billboard
One movie that really delivered this year when it came to billboard special extensions was the horror prequel, The Nun, which took 'Nunsploitation' to a whole other level with this creepy cut-out creative.
Nun extension cut-out billboard
These malevolent nuns really helped this newest chapter in The Conjuring film franchise stand out in the summer streets and skies of L.A.
Nun movie cut-out billboard
Meanwhile close contenders in this BAB Award category included Deadpool 2's inflatable swan pool float billboard, these scary Halloween movie billboards, these blaxploitation-inspired Proud Mary film billboards and these tongue-in-cheek movie billboards for The Meg.

Altered Carbon breathing body bag bus shelter installation
There were many TV shows and movies trying to turn heads this year with all kinds of gimmicks and tricks, be it 3D embellishments, neon signs or glowing eyes, but Netflix's sci-fi show Altered Carbon really took the prize with these life-size, vacuum-sealed human body bags in bus shelters around West Hollywood at the beginning of 2018.
Altered Carbon breathing body bag bus stop installation
Not only were the life-like installations provocative with their nakedness, they immediately conveyed the science fiction nature of the series and perfectly mirrored the accompanying billboards filling the city skyline.

Even more disturbing, one of these body 'sleeve' installations for Altered Carbon featured an even creepier and PR generating breathing version.
Altered Carbon season 1 billboard
Runners-up in this category included the sophomore season 13 Reasons Why hanging polaroids billboard installation, this Luke Cage season 2 billboard and this embellished Bird Box billboard, all brought to the skies by Netflix.

911 season 2 earthquake billboard
In the world of television the city skyline has never been more crowded or competitive, but one returning show really made a spectacle with its season two billboards, Fox's first responder drama, 9-1-1.
Marry M 911 season 2 billboard
As you can see the series had great fun demonstrating the peril and accidents that befall Los Angelenos on a daily basis, earthquakes, plan crashes, bear attacks and road accidents, that require the help of police, firefighters and paramedics.
911 season 2 billboard
3D crashed tour bus 911 season 2 billboard
Plus the series launch billboards for 9-1-1 were equally eye-catching, so be sure to check those out too.
911 season 2 bear billboard
Other notable contenders for this BAB Award were these bold sophomore season billboards for The Good Fight, this Game of Thrones For the throne season eight teaser campaign and these devilishly good AHS: Apocalypse billboards.

A Quiet Place movie billboard
When it comes to the big screen, there were many flashier outdoor ad campaigns for live-action and animated movies, but the key art for A Quiet Place really sold the sci-fi horror in an instant.

You could see the terror in Emily Blunt's eyes, you didn't need to see the creatures or the threat, you could feel their presence and with her hand clasped over her mouth the fearful imagery lived up to the tagline 'If they hear you they hunt you'. This was a triumphant ad creative for John Krasinski's monster thriller which loudly conveyed the premise of the motion picture.
A Quiet Place film billboard
If Daily Billboard was to name several runners-up, they would be these Ralph Breaks the Internet billboards, these snarky billboards for The Grinch and these magical Mary Poppins Returns film billboards.

Dear LA Which way WEHO Love Simon billboard
How do you market the first mainstream gay teen high school romantic comedy in a respectful, engaging and original way?
Dear NY come out Love Simon billboard
That was the challenge faced by Love, Simon this year, and with clever copy, a simple, bold design and locally-tailored billboards they totally nailed it in cities and LGBT neighborhoods across the U.S. in the spring of 2018.
Dear WEHO Love Simon billboard
Other clever copy-only ad campaigns last year included these ever-changing Friendship is billboards for TV's A Million Little Things and these foodie Postmates billboards.

Thirty Seconds to Mars America teaser billboard
Speaking of copy-only ad campaigns, and Thirty Seconds to Mars teaser billboards for their latest studio album, America, really caught our eye last spring.
Thirty Seconds to Mars America teaser billboard
This mysterious outdoor ad campaign for Jared Leto's alternative rock band used a mix of provocative, emotive and topical words and subjects on colourful backgrounds to turn heads in the city skyline for their fifth album.

Giant Rihanna Fenty Savage X lingerie billboard
In the world of fashion, music superstar Rihanna followed up recent capsule collections and cosmetics ads for her Fenty label with these eye-catching billboards for her Savage X designer lingerie brand in May 2018.
Rihanna Fenty Savage X lingerie billboard
You certainly couldn't miss these fierce ad creatives in the skies along the Sunset Strip and near The Beverly Center.

Vodka Postmates billboard
Earlier in the year food and drink delivery service Postmates said what we were all thinking about Russia's interference in the U.S. elections and continued manipulation of the president with this inspired vodka-themed billboard. Funny and terrifying all at once.

These Zico Coconut Water billboards were also quite refreshing around L.A. in 2018.

Mrs Maisel Susie Myserson Emmy FYC billboard
And finally for this year's BAB Awards, we have a new addition to our ranks this year, the 'For your consideration' category.

Thousands of dollars are spent each year on outdoor advertising by networks, streaming services and studios campaigning for coveted industry accolades like Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys and Oscars.
This is it huh Mrs Maisel Emmy FYC billboard
HBO and Netflix continued to be big spenders in 2018, but Amazon Prime Video took the biscuit with this extensive and elaborate inaugural Emmy campaign for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
mad divorcée Mrs Maisel Emmy FYC billboard
They certainly wanted their freshman period comedy, starring Rachel Brosnahan as a New York housewife and mother who turns to stand-up comedy after her husband cheats on her, to be nominated and on the industry's radar in 2018.
Liberace Mrs Maisel Emmy FYC billboard
Interactive ads, copy-only teaser ads and wave upon wave of witty billboards at heavily trafficked ad sites all around Los Angeles made this campaign a winner and helped the comedy score 14 Emmy nominations and 8 wins. And now a BAB Award.
Marvelous Mrs Maisel Emmy nominee billboard
Other notable awards consideration billboards included this stunner of a special extension Ozark billboard, this funny Jimmy Kimmel tweet billboard and this Get Shorty Emmy consideration campaign.

As you can see there have been plenty of brilliant billboards grabbing attention these past twelve months.

What do you think of this year's winners? Were you involved in any of the campaigns? Post your credits in the comments section for all the see and get in touch.

Keep up the good work and let's make sure the skies of L.A. and beyond are even more vibrant, engaging, unique and creative than ever in 2019.

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