Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Project Blue Book series premiere TV billboards...

Project Blue Book series premiere billboard
This year History will be opening the pages of Project Blue Book, a new drama series inspired by true, top secret investigations into Unidentified Flying Objects and other mysterious phenomena conducted by the U.S. Air Force from 1952 to 1969.
Project Blue Book series launch billboard
Game of Thrones Aiden Gillen stars as 'Dr. J. Allen Hynek', a college professor recruited by the Air Force working with 'Captain Michael Quinn' (Michael Malarkey) to lead the clandestine operation.
Project Blue Book History series billboard
However, investigating Project Blue Book cases that can't be easily explained by science he soon wonders if he's been duped by the government in a conspiracy to cover up the truth.
Project Blue Book TV billboard
These series launch billboards with strange lights in the skies were photographed along Melrose Avenue, 3rd Street, San Vicente Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard from November 29 to December 19, 2018.
Project Blue Book series billboard
Project Blue Book series premiere billboard
For more UFO inspired ad creatives, make sure you also check out this Rick and Morty crashed UFO billboard, this Skyline movie billboard, these Phoenix Forgotten movie billboards and this flying saucer installation for The X-Files revival.
Project Blue Book series premiere billboard
With Project Blue Book, the sophomore season of Star Trek: Discovery and Roswell, New Mexico coming to the small screen early in 2019 it looks like this may be a good year for science fiction ahead.
Project Blue Book series launch billboard
UPDATED: Here's also some examples of the show's first season Emmy consideration billboard campaign.
Project Blue Book 2019 Emmy FYC billboard
These Emmy FYC ad creatives were spied above the Sunset Strip and San Vicente Boulevard on May 21, 2019.
Project Blue Book season 1 Emmy FYC billboard

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