Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Glass movie billboards...

Bruce Willis Glass movie billboard
Everyone loves a comeback and M. Night Shyamalan certainly seems to be having his second coming with the new movie Glass on its way to the big screen this January.
Samuel L Jackson Glass movie billboard
The writer and directer became the master of last minute shocking plot twists in films like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs, but disappointed with later efforts like The Village, The Lady in the Water and The Happening (and let's not even mention movies like The Last Airbender and After Earth).
Glass movie billboard
Fast forward to January 2017 and his multiple personality horror movie starring James McAvoy, Split, enjoyed box office success grossing over $278 million worldwide and in its unexpected final scene teased a connection with the world of the characters from his 2000 Unbreakable movie.
Glass film billboard
The new thriller Glass sees Bruce Willis return as the super-powered security guard with visions, 'David Dunn', and Samuel L. Jackson as the scheming mastermind with fragile bones, 'Elijah Price' aka 'Mr.Glass, both with an interest in James McAvoy's 'Kevin Wendell Crumb', whose many varied personalities include the superhuman alter, 'The Beast' from Split.
Glass movie billboard
All three characters find themselves under the care of Sarah Paulson's psychiatrist 'Dr. Ellie Staple' who specializes in delusions of grandeur, specifically people who believe they are superheroes.
Bruce Willis Glass billboard
Now it looks like there's going to be a supervillain team-up which needs a hero to step-up and protect the lives of loved ones and survivors of past crimes.
Samuel L Jackson Glass billboard
With a cinematic landscape filled to the rafters with superhero fare, let's see if this movie sequel can offer something unique and kick off 2019 in style.
Glass film billboard
These cool movie billboards were spied along Lankershim Boulevard, Cahuenga Boulevard, Sepulveda Boulevard, Pico Boulevard, Highland Avenue and the Sunset Strip from December 2 to December 29, 2018.
Glass movie billboard
Daily Billboard always loves when new billboards grace the skyline, shattering expectations and making the skies exciting and fresh once again.
Bruce Willis Glass extension cut-out billboard
Samuel L Jackson Glass extension cut-out billboard
The outdoor campaign certainly embraces the comic book world and the illustrated shattered glass ad creative evokes an old painted X-Men: Fatal Attractions poster from the 1990s.
Glass film billboard
Fans of the Die Hard actor can also check out these other Bruce Willis billboards, Samuel L. Jackson admirers can also enjoy these movie billboards and for more James McAvoy you can take a look at these Split movie billboards from 2017.
Glass movie billboard
Let's see if M. Night Shyamalan can prove that Split wasn't just a fluke and deliver a box office shattering spectacular to please fans of both films.
Giant Glass movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a fantastic special extension cut-out with James McAvoy's 'The Beast' unleashed.
Glass Beast cut-out billboard
This cool billboard was spied above Ventura Boulevard on January 18, 2019, and it reminds us of this Mad Max: Fury Road Madness billboard.
Glass Beast cut-out billboard

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