Friday, January 18, 2019

Drunk History season 6 TV billboards...

Drunk History season 6 billboard
History is a funny thing, it's often written by the victors, so what happens when those fellows turn out to be inebriated when they are recounting their tales of old? Drunk History, that's what.

Derek Waters returns to recount infamous moments in America's history through a slightly bonkers drunken lens with the help of an ever-changing cast of actors and comedians.
Drunk History season 6 billboard
This season six billboard was snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on January 9, 2019, and fans of the show can also check out these previous season billboards for Drunk History from 2013 to date.
Drunk History season 6 billboard
Future generations are going to think we were all drunk during this insane period in U.S. history we're all experiencing now. Let's hope we survive the experience to tell tales about it.

Cheers to a liquored-up weekend.
Drunk History season 6 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a smaller version of this season six billboard spied above Pico and La Cienega Boulevards on February 6, 2019.
Drunk History season 6 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an Emmy consideration billboard with a great Sphinx of Giza theme for the second half of the sixth season spotted above Beverly Boulevard on May 31, 2019.
Drunk History season 6 Emmy FYC Sphinx billboard
And here's a larger landscape version of this billboard spotted along the Sunset Strip on June 4, 2019.
Drunk History Emmy FYC Sphinx billboard
UPDATED: It also looks like Drunk History is raising a glass to passing motorists and pedestrians along the Sunset Strip to get their attention this Emmy season.
Drunk History beer FYC installation Sunset Strip
This giant beer tankard and FYC installation was rather appropriately positioned outside West Hollywood's Liquor Locker and captured on June 18, 2019.
Giant Drunk History beer mug FYC sign Sunset Strip
UPDATED: All their campaigning worked, as Drunk History garnered three Emmy nominations this season, for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series, Directing and Picture Editing. This Emmy nominee billboard was spied along the Sunset Strip on August 24, 2019.
Drunk History season 6 Emmy nominee billboard

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