Saturday, December 29, 2018

This billboard has been usurped by a generic streaming giant. Thanks for 8 years. Adult Swim...

billboard usurped by generic streaming giant Thanks for 8 years Adult Swim
Say it ain't so. By the looks of this billboard, Adult Swim has lost its longtime permanent fixture along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip thanks to Netflix.

The subscription streaming giant recently acquired 32 Regency billboards along the heavily trafficked commuter belt of Sunset Boulevard for $150 million (rather than buying the company itself for a rumoured $300 million), and it appears than Adult Swim is one of the casualties (unless this is the ultimate fake out).
Thanks for 8 years Adult Swim billboard
Obviously all's fair in the world of outdoor advertising, but Daily Billboard shall miss the eclectic, quirky, unconventional, bizarre, provocative and downright bonkers ad creatives for animated and live-action shows that have graced Adult Swim's billboard hoarding in the last eight years.
billboard usurped generic streaming giant Adult Swim
This billboard blatantly poking fun at the streaming giant was snapped on December 28, 2018.

Be sure to also check out some of Daily Billboard's favourite ads in this location across the years, including these festive Adult Swim billboards, these Childrens Hospital billboards, this Metalocalypse billboard, this Newsreaders billboard asking how astronauts poop in space, these Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell billboards, these Delocated billboards, these Black Jesus billboards and these Robot Chicken billboards, to name but a few examples.
usurped generic streaming giant Thanks 8 years Adult Swim billboard
Wow, so many memories. This really seems like an end of an era and not just a year.

Adult Swim has set a high bar of out-of-home creativity and mighty shoes to fill, let's hope Netflix is up to the task.
Thanks for 8 years Adult Swim
UPDATED: It's the dawn of a new age as here's the new billboard location for Adult Swim along Sunset Boulevard at Hayworth Avenue, snapped on January 30, 2019.
This is the new Adult Swim billboard Sunset Boulevard
This billboard on billboard ad creative is a clever way to announce its arrival, so let's hope we'll be enjoying hilarity for years to come in this new location.
This is the new Adult Swim billboard
UPDATED: And as a further genius snub to Netflix, Adult Swim has found a new mini sign site under its old large billboard along the Sunset Strip, snapped on May 22, 2019.
This is the new adult swim sign billboard
And here's a look at the subversive sign from the other side of the road on June 28, 2019.
This is the new adult swim sign billboard Sunset Strip


  1. Thank you, Jason. I've been trying to see what these Netflix billboards looked like, and these pics are fabulous! Do you think this is an Adult Swim design or is Netflix trying to be ironic? Netflix bought the billboards months ago, but perhaps Adult Swim had a contract with the previous billboard owner (Regency) that Netflix is legally obligated to fulfill?

    1. This is a sincere goodbye from Adult Swim, they are moving eastbound a few blocks along the Sunset Strip to the billboard site which housed this fab Rock & Morty crashed UFO...