Sunday, November 18, 2018

FILM WEEK: 22 July billboards...

22 July movie consideration billboard
To bring this themed FILM WEEK to a close we have the new Netflix movie, 22 July, based on a tragic Norwegian true story.

The hard-hitting film by Paul Greengrass dramatizes the 2011 massacre, which included a bombing in Oslo and a gun attack at the summer camp for kids on the island of Ut√łya, where 77 people were killed by Norwegian lone wolf far-right extremist Anders Behring Brievik.
22 July film billboard
22 July explores the aftermath of the attacks and the repercussions for the survivors, their families and the country as a whole.
22 July For your consideration billboard
These Netflix film billboards were photographed along Santa Monica Boulevard, Venice Boulevard and the Sunset Strip from October 12 to November 11, 2018.
22 July movie billboard
Let's see if Netflix's emotive awards consideration campaigning will help the streaming giant land its first Best Picture nomination.
22 July movie consideration billboard

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