Monday, October 15, 2018

The Romanoffs series premiere TV billboards...

Romanoffs series launch billboard
This past weekend Amazon Prime debuted its latest original drama offering from Matthew Weiner, the creator of the critically-acclaimed Mad Men, The Romanoffs.
Romanoffs dirty plate teaser billboard
This installment of eight almost feature-length episodes is in the form of an anthology series which explores contemporary people who claim to have some connections with the fabled Russian royal family.
Romanoffs series premiere billboard
Each episode tells a different story of these descendants all around the globe and features varying casts comprising the likes of Diane Lane, Corey Still, Noah Wyle, Aaron Eckhart, Amanda Peet, Andrew Rannells, Isabelle Huppert, Kerry Bishé, Christina Hendricks and John Slattery, to name but a few actors.
Romanoffs birthday cake teaser billboard
To tease the new series Amazon used tongue-in-cheek ad creatives with the Romanoff family crest on every thing from dinner plates to birthday cakes and doormats.
Romanoffs series premiere billboard
These were followed up by series launch billboards featuring the wide array of familiar faces and the outdoor ads were snapped along the Sunset Strip, San Vicente Boulevard, Vine Street and La Brea Avenue from September 26 to October 12, 2018.
Romanoffs cake teaser billboard
Meanwhile fans of Matthew Weiner's 1960s Madison Avenue advertising industry drama can also enjoy all these Mad Men billboards from years past.
Romanoffs dishwasher teaser billboard
Obviously the time is right for a drama about the Russian royal clan, especially with Scarlett Johansson rumored to have recently landed $15 million to reprise her role as super spy 'Natasha Romanoff' in Marvel Studios solo Black Widow movie.
Romanoffs series billboard
With a family connection there's no end of drama inherent in this show's premise, so let's see how long-lived The Romanoffs will be in the world of television.
Romanoffs series launch billboard
UPDATED: Here's another billboard for the drama featuring more of the sprawling cast, spotted along Olympic and Westwood Boulevards on November 3, 2018.
Romanoffs season 1 billboard

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