Saturday, October 6, 2018

Superstore season 4 TV billboards...

Superstore season 4 billboard
This October in addition to all the freshman sitcoms vying for viewers time and attention, Superstore returns for a fourth season of workplace comedy on NBC.
Superstore season 4 billboard
At the end of last season America Ferrera's 'Amy' and Ben Feldman's 'Jonah' surprised everyone by giving into their desires and had sex at work, inadvertently sharing their exploits via live-stream for shoppers at Cloud 9 stores around the world to see.

Daily Billboard is sure there'll be repercussions for them this season and more big-box store shenanigans with their workmates played by Lauren Ash, Mark McKinney, Nichole Bloom, Nico Santos and Colton Dunn.
Superstore season 4 billboard
This vibrant season four billboard was photographed along Sunset Boulevard on September 7, 2018, and fans of the show can also enjoy all these previous season promo billboards for Superstore.

Let's hope the Cloud 9 employees can continue to bring the laughs now that the doors have reopened for a fourth season.
Superstore season 4 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an Emmy consideration billboard for the fourth season snapped along Olympic Boulevard on June 6, 2019.
Superstore season 4 Emmy consideration billboard

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