Monday, October 22, 2018

House of Cards final season 6 TV billboards...

House of Cards final season 6 billboard
Has it only been five years since Netflix streamed House of Cards, its first original drama series back in February 2013? Now the show is drawing to a close with its sixth and final season, which finds the television and political landscape dramatically altered since its debut.

This U.S. adaptation of the BBC mini-series of the same name, itself based on a book by Michael Dobbs, originally starred Kevin Spacey as the scheming Congressman 'Frank Underwood', who along with his wife 'Claire' (Robin Wright), would stop at nothing in their quest for power and influence, which eventually took them to the White House.
House of Cards season 6 billboard
Following allegations of past sexual misconduct, Spacey was fired from the show just as the sixth season was starting production and the drama was delayed and retooled, shortened to eight episodes from the usual thirteen.

At the end of the fifth season we saw Claire Underwood become President through various nefarious shenanigans and breaking the fourth wall between actor and the audience declare it was her turn, so it wasn't too hard to write Frank out the show.
House of Cards final season billboard
These final season billboards harken back to House of Cards launch billboards, this time with Robin Wright with blood on her hands after clawing her way to the top, and these ads were photographed along the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard from October 3 to October 12, 2018.
House of Cards final season 6 billboard
In 2016 Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million ballots, so if you were waiting for a female Commander-in-Chief House of Cards is ready to deliver.

But be careful what you wish for though, as this is one woman who's left a trail of bodies in her wake to get to the highest office in the land.
House of Cards final season 6 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an awards consideration billboard for the final season spotted along Melrose Avenue on November 14, 2018.
House of Cards season 6 FYC billboard
UPDATED: Congratulations to Robin Wright for her SAG Award nomination for the final season. Let's see if this nominee billboard spotted above Sunset Boulevard on January 2, 2019, will help her take home another accolade.
Robin Wright House of Cards S6 SAG Award billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an Emmy consideration billboard for Robin Wright and the final season of House of Cards.
Robin Wright House of Cards final season Emmy FYC billboard
This Netflix Emmy FYC billboard was first spotted on May 8, 2019. Let's see if the political drama has one final round of Emmy nominations left in it.
Robin Wright House of Cards 2019 Emmy FYC billboard

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