Friday, October 19, 2018

Halloween movie billboards...

Halloween movie billboard
This Halloween the horror movie franchise bearing the same name is going back to basics and jettisoning the nine subsequent entries after the John Carpenter's iconic 1978 classic and starting over with a scary, fresh sequel.
Halloween 2018 billboard
Jamie Lee Curtis returns as 'Laurie Strode', four decades after she survived the night 'Michael Myers' went on a killing rampage in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois.
Halloween film billboard
No longer a babysitter and with a family of her own now, she's lived in fear of the masked murderer escaping the mental asylum he's been held at the last forty years and this Halloween her worst nightmare comes true.
Michael Myers Halloween billboard
Being transferred from the psychiatric institution to a maximum-security facility his prison bus is involved in an accident and he escapes, returning to terrorise Laurie and the town again. But she's been preparing for this eventuality and this is one woman who won't go down without a fight.
Halloween movie billboard
These cool movie billboards for David Gordon Green's horror flick were spied along San Vicente Boulevard, Pico BoulevardSunset Boulevard, Cahuenga Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue from September 26 to October 15, 2018.
Halloween 2018 billboard
Fans of the film can also check out this cool Halloween movie costume exhibit currently on display in L.A.
Giant Halloween movie billboard Sunset Strip
With horror movies trying their luck in summer of late, it's kind of special to see a titular Halloween movie haunting the city skyline this close to the annual frightful festivities.

These billboards certainly look the part, so let's hope the rebooted sequel can horrify and delight us this Halloween.
Halloween extension cut-out billboard

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