Sunday, October 21, 2018

DC Titans series premiere TV billboards...

DC Titans series premiere billboard
DC superheroes seem to have struggled on the big screen in recent years, apart from the breakthrough Wonder Woman solo movie, but the comic book characters always seemed to have thrived on television, especially on The CW with shows like Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning.
DC Titans series launch billboard
Now the pantheon of heroes has a new home in the brand new streaming service DC Universe, collecting a back catalogue of DC live-action and animated series, big, blockbuster films and even comics.
DC Titans season 1 billboard
To make this video on demand subscription service even more appealing to DC fans, the digital platform also has its own original live-action superhero show to kick things off, Titans.

Brenton Thwaites leads the team as 'Robin', the orphaned circus performer now a Detroit police detective hoping to step out of the shadow of his mentor 'Batman'.
To help prevent a plot to destroy the entire planet he's joined by Teagan Croft's 'Raven', a young mystical empath and daughter of a demon, Anna Diop's 'Starfire', an alien princess seeking asylum on Earth with extraordinary powers and Ryan Potter's 'Beast Boy' a teenage, green shape-shifter who can transform into any animal.
They're also assisted in the series by the crime-fighting vigilantes and lovers, 'Hawk' and 'Dove', played by Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly.
These colourful series launch billboards were photographed along Sunset Boulevard and Cahuenga Boulevard from September 30 to October 13, 2018.
Meanwhile this collection of portrait billboards at Warner Bros. Studios had the Titans spelled out by the characters along Olive Avenue in Burbank for greater impact.
Fans of the supergroup can also check out the animated adventures of the team with these Teen Titans Go! to the Movies billboards from this summer.
DC Titans billboard
This Titans series seems to be a another dark and violent addition to the DC Universe, so let's hope it doesn't turn off casual viewers in the same way the overly bleak DCU movies have in recent years.
DC Titans launch billboards
Go Titans, Go, or as the former Boy Wonder would say, "F@#$ Batman". Obviously someone still has daddy issues.
DC Titans series launch billboard

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