Monday, September 17, 2018

Smallfoot movie billboards...

Smallfoot movie billboard
This September the legend of 'Bigfoot' gets flipped on its head as humans are the mythical creatures that Yetis question the existence of.
Smallfoot movie billboard
Smallfoot movie billboard
In this fun family-friendly new computer-animated adventure based on the book Yeti Tracks by Sergio Pablos, a young yeti named 'Migo' (voiced by Channing Tatum) is convinced that humans, or a 'Small Foot' is real, and sets out to find one to convince his tribe.
Small Foot extension cutout billboard
James Corden voices the human in question, 'Percy', whilst the musical comedy film also stars the vocal talents of Zendaya, Gina Rodriguez, LeBron James, Common and Danny DeVito.
Smallfoot actual size billboard
These adorable movie billboards and street posters were first captured along the Sunset Strip on August 22, then sighted along Ventura Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard, Highland Avenue and Melrose Avenue on from September 6 to September 15, 2018.
Smallfoot film billboard
Fans of animation can also check out all these other fun animated movie and TV series billboards filling the city skyline over the past ten years.
Smallfoot character street posters
Smallfoot movie billboard
If you're hunting for some monstrous humour and original songs to entertain the family this fall, then Smallfoot may be the beast you're looking for.
Smallfoot film billboard
UPDATED: Here are also two billboards for the animated movie featuring the characters with their respective voice talent side-by-side.
Smallfoot movie voice talent billboard WB Studios
These clever portrait billboards were spied at Warner Bros. Studios along Olive Avenue in Burbank on October 12, 2018.
Smallfoot film voice talent billboard

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