Sunday, July 15, 2018

Who Is America? series premiere TV billboards...

Who is America series premiere billboard
With Nazis crawling out from under their rocks, children being separated from their families and caged, kids being gunned down in schools on a regular basis and Republicans cosying up to the Russians after their cyberattacks on the last Presidential Election, you have to wonder what the hell is happening to America.
Who is America series launch billboard
It looks like comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has decided to lift the lid on America's identity crisis and offer his unique take on the United States and the diverse citizens that inhabit its shores in Who Is America?
Sacha Baron Cohen Who is America billboard
He's known for his alter egos 'Ali G', 'Borat' and 'Brüno' and has been referred to by Donald Trump as a "third-rate character" who needs to "go to school" to "learn about being funny", what would happen if someone like this had secretly been filming people across this great nation for the past year.
Who is America series billboard
These patriotic Stars and Stripes billboards for the new Showtime comedy series were photographed in multiple ad locations along Sunset Boulevard on July 13, 2018.

Fans of the British comedian can also check out these billboards for Brüno and The Dictator.
Sacha Baron Cohen Who is America billboard
The U.S. has certainly been undergoing an existential crisis of late, with comedians like Sarah Silverman exploring issues in show's like Hulu's Emmy-nominated I love You, America, whilst The Opposition with Jordan Klepper tackling right wing conspiracy theories with humour and Saturday Night Live providing some comic relief to all the insanity in the White House.
Who is America billboard
This is Sacha Baron Cohen's first foray into episodic television in over a decade with this seven-part season, so anything could happen.

You can imagine, some people may be feeling a little uncomfortable about now. You've been warned.
Who is America season 1 billboard
UPDATED: Here's another ad creative with a different Sacha Baron Cohen disguise snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard in West L.A. on August 1, 2018. One lawmaker resignation, a pedophile detector and more embarrassment for the Republican Party, what next?
Who Is America season 1 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an Emmy consideration billboard for the provocative comedy series spotted above La Brea Avenue on May 22, 2019.
Sacha Baron Cohen Who Is America Emmy FYC billboard
UPDATED: Congratulations to Who Is America? for garnering three Emmy nominations for its first and apparently final season (although will a win for Outstanding Variety Sketch Show make any difference?).

This Emmy nominee billboard featuring one of Sacha Baron Cohen's prank victims, Dick Cheney, was snapped along La Brea Avenue on August 16, 2019.
Who Is America Emmy nominee Dick Cheney billboard

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