Thursday, June 21, 2018

Luke Cage season two TV billboards...

Luke Cage season 2 special installation billboard
After making a big solo impression in his own series in 2016 and saving New York City with The Defender's last year, Harlem's bulletproof hero is back in the sophomore season of Luke Cage, and it looks like he has the whole world on his shoulders.
Marvel Luke Cage season 2 billboard
When he's not playing Marvel's black superhero, Mike Colter can also be seen reprising his role as Chicago drug lord 'Lemond Bishop' on The Good Fight, so he knows a thing or two about life on the mean streets.
Luke Cage season 2 billboard
This time around Luke will not only be dealing with his sudden notoriety as 'Harlem's Hero', but facing a new bevy of criminal menaces, including the supervillain 'Bushmaster', who has powers of his own, whilst Simone Missick's police detective 'Misty Knight' will be getting back into action with a new bionic arm this season.
Luke Cage season 2 billboard
These landscape season two Luke Cage billboards were snapped along Beverly Boulevard on June 9, whilst the fantastic special installation billboard with the hero flexing his muscles was photographed on June 20, 2018, at the busy corner of Melrose and Highland Avenues.
Luke Cage 2 special installation billboard
Fans of the iconic Marvel Comics character can also enjoy these Luke Cage season one billboards and these billboards for The Defenders.
Luke Cage season 2 Netflix billboard
Every day in America it seems like we need heroes more than ever to lift us up from the darkness threatening to take away our liberty and freedom, so it's time to get to work Luke Cage and protect those people who need help.
Luke Cage season 2 special installation billboard

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