Monday, June 18, 2018

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie billboards...

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom cut-out billboard
After reviving the blockbuster dinosaur movie franchise with Jurassic World three years ago, this summer's Fallen Kingdom is bringing the wonder and terror on a global scale twenty-five years after Steven Spielberg's original installment.
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie billboard
Set four years after 2015's film, the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar is in ruins and dinosaurs roam freely. The once-extinct creatures face a new threat in the form of a dormant volcano about to erupt and wipe them out again, with the government debating whether or not to save them.
Giant Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom billboard
Dallas Bryce Howard's former park operations manager, 'Claire Dearing' has now set up a Dinosaur Protection Group and drafts her former romantic interest and raptor trainer, 'Owen Grady' (Chris Pratt), for a rescue mission, including saving his lead raptor, 'Blue'.

They should have learned by now that things never go smoothly on a island filled with rampaging dinosaurs.
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom film ad
These movie billboards were spotted along the Sunset Strip, Highland Avenue, Pico Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard from May 28 to June 9, 2018.

Daily Billboard especially likes the creepy special extension cut-out version which has a monster under the bed vibe.
Chris Pratt Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom billboard
Giant Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom billboard
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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom extension billboard
The park may be gone, but it looks like the dino-excitement lives on. Let's see how big a bite of the summer box office this blockbuster movie sequel can take this summer (will it be another billion dollar plus picture).
Giant Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom billboard

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