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2018 Late Night Emmy consideration billboards...

Jimmy Kimmel your no funny Stay in you're lane moron Emmy tweet billboard
The world of late-night talk shows is always a competitive place, but it's even more so around Emmy season time, with everyone duking it out in the city skyline to grab your attention to get a nomination for Outstanding Variety Talk Series.

One of Daily Billboard's favourite offerings from late-night this year has to be for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as his Emmy consideration billboard features his very own mean tweet, a regular segment on his show where celebrities read horrible Twitter user comments about themselves.
Jimmy Kimmel Live 2018 Emmy FYC tweet billboard
This hilarious 'For your consideration' billboard was snapped along Sunset Boulevard on May 29, 2018.

Jimmy Kimmel has been having a high-profile year thanks to his tearful monologues and advocacy for healthcare and gun control, so let's see if this will be his winning Emmy season.
Full Frontal Samantha Bee 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Speaking of high-profile and Full Frontal's Samantha Bee probably didn't expect the outpouring of vitriol and hate after her feckless comment on her show about the President's daughter. It all didn't help that it came hot on heels of the cancellation of the Roseanne sitcom after one racist tweet too many from the star. This is not the same.
Samantha Bee Queen of Kings Emmy FYC billboard
It's a shame so many people can be so offended by one word when Trump himself claims he likes to grab women by the pussy, when immigrant children are being separated from their parents at the U.S. border and put in cages for days, and kids are being shot dead at American schools on a weekly basis, which surely should cause more outrage.
Full Frontal Samantha Bee season 3 Emmy FYC billboard
As one of the only female late-night hosts taking on all the male egos, she really is 'The Queen of Kings', unafraid to speak the truth to corrupt politicians and their enablers.

These Emmy FYC billboards for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee were snapped along La Cienega Boulevard, Melrose Avenue and Sepulveda Boulevard from May 23 to May 29. 2018.
Trevor Noah Game recognize game Emmy FYC billboard
These dark times we're living in really are great comedy fodder for late-night shows and someone who's not afraid to poke the hornet's nest is Trevor Noah, offering an international perspective on the current administration and their daily horror show.
Daily Show Trevor Noah 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
These 'Game recognize game' Emmy consideration billboards for the South African comic and host of The Daily Show were snapped along the Sunset Strip and Pico Boulevard from May 29 to June 2, 2018.
Daily Show Trevor Noah 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Comedy Central also has another relative newcomer to late-night television, the Australian comedian Jim Jefferies.
Jim Jefferies Show season 2 billboard
Back for a sophomore season, can The Jim Jeffries Show and his blunt commentary register with TV Academy voters this year.

This season two billboard was snapped along the Sunset Strip on March 30, whilst the Emmy FYC billboard was spied along Melrose Avenue on May 26, 2018.
Jim Jeffries Show 2018 Emmy fyc billboard
Fans of the comic can also check out his fun Freedumb Netflix comedy special billboards from summer 2016.
Late Show Stephen Colbert 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
When he first took over from David Letterman as the host of The Late Show in 2015 Stephen Colbert got off to a shaky start, but with the advent of the Trump presidency and the subsequent world-wide resistance, the late-night host finds himself the highest-rated talk show in his third year.
Stephen Colbert We're with you in this Emmy FYC billboard
Not afraid to lampoon the Commander-in-Chief and his unpresidential behaviour at the White House (and on the golf course) on a daily basis, these Trump era-themed Emmy consideration billboards are perfect for the show and were spotted along the Sunset Strip and Vine Street from June 1 to June 7, 2018.
Stephen Colbert news comes first Emmy FYC billboard
If you like these witty ad creatives, be sure to also check out last year's post-election Emmy FYC billboard for Stephen Colbert.
Late Show James Corden 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Another host shaking up late-night on CBS is Britain's James Corden on The Late Late Show with all his Carpool Karaoke and Crosswalk Musical Theatre segments.
James Corden 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
This Emmy consideration billboard for the chat show was snapped along Fairfax Avenue at Beverly Boulevard, near CBS Studios, on May 26, 2018.
James Cordens Next 2018 Snapchat Emmy FYC billboard
And not that he's leaving his show any time soon, but apparently James Corden wants to find the next great host for The Late Late Show, so he's auditioning contenders for his replacement on a Snapchat show.
Next James Corden 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
This vibrant yellow Emmy consideration billboard for Outstanding Short Form Comedy was snapped along the Sunset Strip on June 1, 2018.
Late Night Seth Meyers 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
These past weeks NBC has also been supporting its late-night talent as part of its cohesive 'Consider' outdoor Emmy campaign.

Will this billboard snapped along Highland Avenue on June 4, 2018, for Late Night with Seth Myers make Emmy voters take 'A closer look' at the TV host.
Consider Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Emmy billboard
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon may not be having the best ratings success at the moment, but maybe this Emmy consideration for the New York host's fifth season snapped along Fairfax Avenue on June 1, 2018, will help his chances this year.

Meanwhile for Emmy consideration billboards for the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Real Time with Bill Maher, be sure to check out these HBO Emmy FYC billboards.

Plus stay tuned for even more Emmy consideration campaigns dominating La La Land's skyline these past weeks.
Jimmy Fallon 2018 Emmy fyc billboard
UPDATED: Here's also another James Corden Emmy FYC billboard spotted high over Hollywood Boulevard on June 8, 2018.
James Corden 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a late contender for Emmy consideration from BET's The Rundown with Robin Thede.
Rundown Robin Thede 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
This giant-sized billboard for the debut season of the late-night and variety show was snapped along Wilshire Boulevard on July 4, 2018.
Rundown Robin Thede Emmy FYC billboard

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