Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Overboard movie remake billboards...

Overboard movie remake billboard
This May the 1987 film Overboard, which starred Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, gets reimagined with the help of Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez.
Overboard film billboard
In this version of the romantic screwball comedy the roles get reversed and Derbez plays a spoiled playboy from a wealthy Mexican family, whilst Faris is a single, working-class mother of three who convinces him they are married after he falls off his luxury yacht and gets amnesia.
Overboard film billboard
Overboard movie billboard
These Overboard movie billboards were photographed along Santa Monica Boulevard, Lankershim Boulevard, Pico Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard from April 12 to April 25, 2018.
Overboard 2018 movie billboard
Meanwhile Anna Faris fans can also enjoy these Mom sitcom billboards from around L.A. in recent years.
House Bunny movie billboard
And as a special bonus here's also a billboard for The House Bunny movie starring Anna Faris snapped at The Grove shopping mall in L.A. in August 2008.
Instructions Not Included film billboard
As another bonus here's a billboard for the movie Instructions Not Included, which was photographed above Bundy Drive on August 17, 2013, and turned out to be the most successful Spanish-language film in America and around the world.

In 2014 Eugenio Derbez was recognised by Variety as the most influential Hispanic man in the entertainment industry and his star has certainly been rising even higher since then.
How to be a Latin Lover movie billboard
The Mexican actor returned to the big screen last year in the comedy, How to be a Latin Lover, supported by these tonuge-in-cheek billboards spotted along Ventura Boulevard and Wilshire Boulevard from April 9 to May 1, 2017.
How to be a Latin Lover film billboard
Not all comedy remakes have been as successful though, for example Chris Rock's 2001 Down to Earth remake of 1978's Heaven Can Wait, Russell Brand's 2011 remake of 1981's Arthur, or 2004's The Ladykillers based on the 1955 British Ealing comedy, to name but a few.
Overboard 2018 billboard
Can this retelling of the riches-to-rags to story offer us something different from the charming original, or are classic films best left alone. Will Overboard sink or swim at the box office?
Overboard film billboard

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