Friday, April 27, 2018

The Week Of and more Adam Sandler Netflix film billboards...

The Week Of Netflix billboard
Can Adam Sandler recapture 1998's The Wedding Singer magic with the help of Chris Rock as fathers of the bride and groom in Netflix's new original film, The Week Of.
The Week Of Netflix film billboard
Apparently the streaming giant can't get enough of the star of films like The Waterboy and Little Nicky, as last year it ordered another four original films in addition to the previous four-movie deal he signed in 2014.
Adam Sandler Week Of movie billboard
Chris Rock Week Of movie billboard
In this new offering he and Chris Rock (who also cashed in with some recent stand-up specials for the streaming platform) star as fathers who have very different views on their kids wedding day and have to suffer each other in the hectic week up to their big day.
Week Of movie billboards Sunset Strip
These billboards for The Week Of were snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard and the Sunset Strip from April 16 to April 17, 2018.
Sandy Wexler movie billboard
Meanwhile this Sandy Wexler movie billboard, said to pay homage to the actor's longtime Hollywood manager, was spotted above Westwood Boulevard on April 12, 2017.
Sandy Wexler Netflix film billboard
Plus The Do-Over action-adventure film billboards were snapped along Cahuenga Boulevard and La Brea Avenue on May 26, 2016.

And for more Adam Sandler movies on the streaming platform, make sure you check out these billboards for The Ridiculous 6 from 2015 and these billboards for The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) from 2017.
Do-Over movie billboard
And for past box office Adam Sandler movies you can enjoy these Blended movie billboards from 2014, these Grown Ups 2 movie billboards 2013 and this Grown Ups film billboard from 2010, these That's my Boy billboards from 2012, these Jack & Jill movie billboards and these Just Go With It movie billboards from 2011.
Do-over Netflix film billboard
As an extra special bonus here's also a non-Netflix billboard from July 10, 2009 (when the streaming service wasn't even predicting original features) for Funny People snapped above La Cienega Boulevard.
Funny People movie billboard
Maybe all the people who couldn't get Avengers: Infinity War tickets this weekend will stream this comedy instead, as Netflix subscribers certainly seem to the fans.
Week Of movie billboard
UPDATED: The Netflix films from Adam Sandler keep coming and his latest offering reunites him with Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery.
Murder Mystery movie billboard
This movie billboard for a comedy about a European vacation gone wrong was snapped along the Sunset Strip on June 6, 2019.
Murder Mystery film billboard

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