Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Genius season one and two TV billboards...

Genius Picasso series premiere billboard
This spring National Geographic's Emmy-nominated anthology series Genius swaps one visionary for another, with famed Spanish artist Pablo Picasso being the subject instead of theoretical physicist Albert Einstein.
Genius Picasso season 2 billboard
Antonio Banderas takes up the brush as the 20th century's most celebrated painter after Geoffrey Rush portrayed the German scientist who developed the theory of relativity last season.
Genius season 1 teaser billboard
The Genius: Picasso launch billboard was snapped along the Sunset Strip on April 6, 2018, whilst the Genius season one teaser was spied in the same ad location on March 16 and follow-up billboard on March 28, 2017.
Genius Einstein season 1 billboard
Genius is often flawed and Picasso wasn't without his scandal, having multiple affairs when being married and fathering children with different women, but it will be interesting to see what made this man tick and what demons and inspiration drove him to create his unique style of art.
Genius Picasso series launch billboard

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