Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Chef's Table: Pastry TV billboards...

Chefs Table Pastry extension cut-out billboard
This April Netflix and David Gelb's foodie documentary series turns its focus to four creative dessert makers in Chef's Table: Pastry.
Chefs Table Pastry billboard
For this fourth installment of episodes delving into famous chefs kitchens, lives and inspirations take us into the world of pastry chefs, dessert virtuosos and bakery entrepreneurs Corrado Assenza from Italy, Jordi Roca from Spain and Christina Tosi and Will Goldfarb from America.
Chefs Table Pastry billboard
These eye-catching pink special extension cut-out billboards were snapped above Westwood Boulevard and Pico Boulevard on April 8, 2018.

The multi-tiered cake itself used in this key art looks delicious, if a little sloppy in the layers, what would Mary Berry say.
Chefs Table Pastry cake cut-out billboard
Fans of Netflix's docu-series shining a light on extraordinary chefs around the world can also enjoy these other Chef's Table billboards from recent years.
Chefs Table Pastry TV billboard
Is it just us, or does this mouth-watering cake spectacular make you crave something sweet? Dessert, pies, or pastries anyone?
Chefs Table Pastry Netflix series billboard

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