Friday, March 23, 2018

Trust series premiere TV billboards...

Trust series premiere billboard
Sometimes Hollywoodland doesn't seem to be as inventive and original as they think, especially when multiple projects with the same premise seem to be progressed at the same time, whether it be on the big or small screen.

Cast your mind back to the likes of 1997's Dante's Peak and Volcano, 1998's A Bug's Life and Antz and Armageddon and Deep Impact, 2000's Mission to Mars and Red Planet, 2005's Madagascar and The Wild, 2006's The Prestige and The Illusionist, 2011's No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits, 2013's Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down, and many more examples. You get the idea.
Trust FX series billboard
This past awards season All the Money in the World made headlines when scandal-ridden Kevin Spacey was cut from the Ridley Scott movie and replaced at the last minute by subsequent Oscar-nominee Christopher Plummer in the role of J. Paul Getty.

Now along comes the television version of the same events of John Paul Getty III's kidnapping by the Italian Mafia in Rome in 1973.
Trust series launch billboard
In FX's Trust, Donald Sutherland plays the infamous oil tycoon, and one-time richest man in the world, who seems reluctant to pay for his grandson's ransom, although this television version suggests that the kidnapped heir (played by Harris Dickinson) may have had a hand in his own abduction (although he ended up loosing an ear over it).
Trust series premiere billboard
These dramatic series launch billboards help convey Jean Paul Getty's love of art and were photographed along the Sunset Strip, Beverly Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard from March 5 to March 19, 2018.

For another take on the Getty kidnapping be sure to also check out these ear-themed All the Money in the World movie billboards and you can also enjoy these fun Getty Villa tourism billboards.
Trust TV billboard
Usually when two projects arrive on the scene there's a winner and loser, although this new series will apparently delve into more of the Getty family's history, rather then solely focusing on this kidnapping event, over multiple seasons.

Often when money is involved you never know who to trust, even family.
Trust series launch billboard

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