Saturday, March 17, 2018

Postmates We get it billboards...

Vodka Postmates billboard
In recent years new technology and smartphone apps have made it even easier to get food and drink delivered in L.A., whether it be services like Grubhub, DoorDash, Eat 24, LA Bite, and more recently Postmates.
vegan drunk tacos Postmates billboard
In the autumn of 2016 the on-demand delivery startup got some big financial investment, so it's no surprise that Postmates has taken over the skies with a colourful, humorous and timely billboard campaign at the start of 2018.
high taste sound postmates billboard
Chicken waffles Postmates billboard
Whether it be delivering brownies when you've got the munchies, or fetching vodka to ironically toast the Russians that fixed the last U.S. presidential election (and continues to exert its bizarre influence over the current administration), Postmates tongue-in-cheek outdoor campaign puts a smile on your face and some yummy food in your bellies.
Alcohol We get it Postmates billboards
Alcohol Postmates billboards
In fact, whatever your reason to order in, or whatever your preference for takeout, be it sushi, tacos, desserts, or chicken and waffles, they've apparently got it covered with their fleet of drivers delivering to your door.
interwebs Postmates billboard
This fun Postmates 'We get it' outdoor ad campaign was spied around the streets of L.A., including in multiple billboard locations along Sunset Boulevard and Melrose Avenue, from January 24 to March 12, 2018.
omakase bra off Postmates billboard
You can also check out these previous Postmates text emoji billboards from 2016 and more food delivery billboards to compare how their competitors approach their outdoor advertising.
500 brownies Postmates billboard
We get it Postmates wildposting
Feeling hungry or thirsty yet? You know what, we know someone who'll get it for you. Now that's a real mate.
date callback Postmates billboard
UPDATED: Postmates are back in the skies this fall and delivering more fun billboard creatives and including their very Spielbergian logo on them too (you don't think it looks like the Amblin logo?).
hungry for attention Postmates billboard
These 'We get it' ad examples were snapped along the Sunset Strip and Ventura Boulevard from October 2 to October 18, 2018.
second dinner Postmates billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a little taster from Postmates latest 'Postmate it' outdoor ad campaign, which incorporates food cravings on a smartphone.
sweatpants calling burger Postmate it billboard
These vibrant billboards were photographed along Highland Avenue on April 22 and along the Sunset Strip on July 24, 2019.
Keto Raw Food Diet Postmate it billboard
UPDATED: Here's another of the colourful Postmates billboards, this time with a sushi theme, spotted along the Sunset Strip on August 4, 2019.
Dont ruin great night in Postmates It billboard
UPDATED: Here are more Postmates billboards with a touch of humour, these ones for meat and taco lovers.
Keep your vegan friends as friends Postmate it billboard
The 'Trejo's Tacos' version was snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard, whilst the 'vegan friends' ad creative was spied above Melrose Avenue on November 22, 2019.
Trejos Tacos Postmates billboard
Plus here's another fun billboard ideal for hungry folks spotted along Pico Boulevard on November 23, 2019.
hungry not enough to drive Postmates billboard
And here's a Tocaya Organica Postmates billboard spied high above San Vicente Boulevard on December 9, 2019.
Tocaya Organica Postmates billboard
UPDATED: Here's a new burger-themed billboard in the 'Postmate it' campaign for someone who's really hungry and all they can think about is food, spied along the Sunset Strip on February 7, 2020.
When all you can burgers is think about Postmate it billboard
Here's a different pizza-themed billboard with an arm reaching through the smartphone, spotted along Robertson Boulevard on February 20, 2020.
hungry daughter Pizza Postmates billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a fun salad-themed Postmates billboard spied above La Brea Avenue on March 11, 2021.
all you can salad is think about Postmates billboard
And a sushi-themed ad creative spotted above Sunset Boulevard the next day.
When all you can sushi is think about Postmates billboard
Plus here's a giant-sized version of the sushi billboard spotted along the Sunset Strip on March 22, 2021.
sushi is think about Postmates billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a noodles-themed billboard spied above Hollywood's Selma Avenue on March 31, 2021.
When all you can noodles is think about Postmates billboard

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