Sunday, February 18, 2018

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season five TV billboards...

Last Week Tonight John Oliver season 5 billboard
How many times in the past eighteen months have you just needed a moment, to gather your thoughts or simply bang your head against your desk in utter disbelief.
Giant Last Week Tonight John Oliver season 5 billboard
This key art for the fifth season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver really captures the exasperated feeling of a nation, or quite possibly the world, with the current administration in the White House.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver season 5 billboard
Every day seems to bring some new hell and sadly, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, fresh comedy fodder for late-night satirical shows who make their living getting laughs out of usually stuffy politics, news and current events.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver season 5 billboard Sunset Strip
These hilarious season five billboards (yes hilarious, as consider how hard it must be to make a bespectacled British man in a suit sitting behind a desk funny season after season) were snapped along Bundy Drive and Sunset Boulevard from January 27 to February 11, 2018.
Last Week Tonight season 5 billboard
Fans of John Oliver's HBO show can also compare these outdoor ads to his previous season promo billboards for Last Week Tonight.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver 5 billboard
Let's hope it won't be long until we can get through a day without repeating to ourselves 'everything is fine' over and over. It's almost Mueller time.
John Oliver HBO season 5 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a season five billboard spotted in Times Square in Manhattan on February 15, 2018.
Last Week Tonight John Oliver HBO 5 billboard NYC
UPDATED: Can the Emmy-winning show add more industry accolades to its mantle with the help of this consideration billboard for its fifth season spied along Fairfax Avenue on May 10, 2018.
John Oliver Deeply Funny season 5 Emmy FYC billboard
UPDATED: Congratulations to John Oliver and the show for garnering nine Emmy nominations this season, including for Outstanding Variety Talk Series (which they won last year).
Last Week Tonight John Oliver 2018 Emmy nominee billboard
These Emmy nominee billboards were spotted along Venice Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard from August 6 to August 12, 2018.
John Oliver 9 Emmy nominations billboard

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