Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Annihilation movie billboards...

Annihilation movie billboard
This February Alex Garland follows-up his sublime directorial debut, Ex Machina, with his new slice of science fiction, the ominously titled Annihilation.
Annihilation film billboard
In the writer-turned-director's latest movie based on Jeff VanderMeer's 2014 novel of the same name, Natalie Portman stars as a biologist who leads an expedition team of female scientists and specialists into an environmental disaster zone, a phenomenon called 'The Shimmer', after her soldier husband comes back out alive but gravely injured.
Annihilation movie billboard
These movie billboards for Annihilation were snapped along Melrose Avenue, the Sunset Strip and La Brea Avenue from January 17 to January 31, 2018.
Annihilation movie billboard
Fans of Natalie Portman can also check out these Miss Dior fragrance billboards, this Your Highness movie billboard and these No Strings Attached movie billboards.
Annihilation film billboard
With powerful women's movements for equality, diversity and opportunity sweeping Hollywood it's nice to see more female headlined movies at the box office, but when it comes to advertising, just because you give a woman a gun, doesn't make her strong.

UPDATED: Fans of the film can also enjoy these Annihilation movie costumes worn by Natalie Portman and Gina Rodriguez on display.
Natalie Portman Annihilation billboard

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