Saturday, February 3, 2018

2 Dope Queens TV specials billboards...

Hail Yaaas 2 Dope Queens billboard
All hail the new queens of comedy, as Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson bring their infamous 2 Dope Queens podcast to the small screen for four HBO hour-long comedy specials.
2 Dope Queens HBO billboard
The funny ladies from The Daily Show and Broad City are reigning over the city skyline in their Elizabethan attire for their New York-themed special filmed before a live audience at Brooklyn's King Theatre.
Giant 2 Dope Queens HBO billboard
The standard landscape 2 Dope Queens billboard was snapped along Cahuenga Boulevard on January 26, whilst the giant-sized ad creative was photographed lording it ever eastbound traffic along the Sunset Strip on January 28, 2018.
2 Dope Queens billboard
These women may be podcast royalty, but can the double act conquer the throne of television comedy in 2018. The answer of course is 'Hail yaaas!'.
Giant 2 Dope Queens billboard Sunset Strip

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