Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Path season three TV billboards...

Path season 3 billboard
Praise be, The Path returns for a third season on Hulu and finds Aaron Paul's 'Eddie' in charge of the cultish Meyerist movement (although they also look a bit like members of the Guilty Remnant from The Leftovers).
Path season 3 billboard
Not everyone may be happy about this turn of events like his wife 'Sarah' (Michelle Monaghan) and his leadership rival 'Cal' (Hugh Dancy), but he's brought in a new publicist called 'Vera' (played by Freida Pinto) to make their movement seem less cult-like and more legitimate in the eyes of the public.
Path season 3 billboard
These season three billboards for The Path were spotted along the Sunset Strip, Beverly Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard from January 10 to January 15, 2018.
Path season 3 billboard
Fans of the series can also check out all these previous season promo and awards consideration billboards for The Path.

It seems like this drama has lots more twists and turns on the path it's charting to keep audiences entertained.
Path season 3 Hulu billboard

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