Friday, January 12, 2018

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams series premiere TV billboards...

Philip K Dick Electric Dreams series billboard
Netflix has its own science fiction anthology series with Black Mirror and now it looks like rival streaming service Amazon has its own offering with Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams.
Electric Dreams season 1 billboard
Both shows have a British flavour to them, and these ten standalone episodes inspired by the writings of the American sci-fi writer involve telepaths in dystopian futures, space tourist guides, synthetic humanoids, non-existant railway stations and more weird tales besides.
Electric Dreams series launch billboard
Electric Dreams also stars a whole host of talent, inducing the likes of Anna Paquin, Bryan Cranston, Timothy Spall, Tuppence Middleton, Terrence Howard, Steve Buscemi, Benedict Wong, Richard Madden, Holliday Grainger and many more names besides.

These striking series launch billboards were spotted above San Vicente Boulevard, La Brea Avenue and the Sunset Strip from January 5 to January 10, 2018.
Electric Dreams series billboard
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Everything considered it looks like it's a great time to be a sci-fi fan at the moment.
Electric Dreams Amazon Prime billboard

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