Saturday, December 15, 2018

MOVIE WEEK: The Mule billboards...

The Mule movie billboard
This December Clint Eastwood is back on the big screen starring in and directing the drug trafficking drama, The Mule.
Mule movie billboard
The film is inspired by the true story of Leo Sharp, a horticulturalist and World War II veteran who is caught in 2011 transporting millions of dollars worth of cocaine through Michigan for a Mexican drug cartel and is based on Sam Dolnick's article for The New York Times, "The Sinaloa Cartel's 90-Year-Old Drug Mule".
Mule film billboard
The crime movie also stars the likes of Bradley Cooper as the DEA agent pursuing the pensioner, along with Laurence Fishburne, Michael Peña, Dianne Wiest and Andy Garcia.
The Mule film billboard
These atmospheric movie billboards were photographed along the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Boulevard and Pico Boulevard from November 22 to November 26, 2018.
Mule billboard
Fans of the actor can also check out these movie billboards for Trouble with the Curve from 2012.

Let's see if a drug smuggling nonagenarian will be a perfect antidote to the other movies trying to entice cinema goers to hand over their money this holiday season.
Mule film billboard

Friday, December 14, 2018

MOVIE WEEK: Mortal Engines billboards...

Mortal Engines movie billboard
Yesterday we shined a spotlight on a robot-in-disguise and today the focus is on a new movie in which cities in a post-apocalyptic future have been turned into giant, moving monstrosities in Mortal Engines.
Mortal Engines movie billboard
The movie directed by Christian Rivers is based on Philip Reeve's 2001 book of the same name, the first of a quartet of novels set in a futuristic, steampunk version of the world which has been decimated hundreds of years before.
Mortal Engines movie billboard
On an Earth of predator cities, where it's survival of the fastest, the mysterious, scarred 'Hester Shaw' (Hera Hilmar) is the key to stopping the ferocious Traction City of London.
Mortal Engines film billboard
But she can't do it alone, and she's helped by the London outcast 'Tom Natsworthy' (Robert Sheehan) and the aerial outlaw with a bounty on her head, 'Anna Fang' (Jihae).
Mortal Engines film billboard
These striking movie billboards were photographed along Fairfax Avenue, La Cienega Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, Cahuenga Boulevard and Sepulveda Boulevard from November 21 to December 1, 2018.
Mortal Engines movie billboard
Can Mortal Engines survive the onslaught of blockbuster holiday movies this Christmas, or will it get crushed underfoot by mightier film franchises comprised of transforming robots, magical nannies and aquatic superheroes.
Mortal Engines film billboard

Thursday, December 13, 2018

MOVIE WEEK: Bumblebee billboards...

Bumblebee movie billboard
This festive season is looking like it will be the usual battle royale at the box office with big popcorn blockbusters like Aquaman and Mortal Engines looking to give Bumblebee some competition with cinema goers.
Bumblebee movie billboard
After five explosive live-action Transformers movies from Michael Bay, the lovable Autobot gets his own origin story prequel this holiday season.
Bumblebee film billboard
Set in 1987, the action finds the robot-in-disguise battered, broken and on the run in a small Californian beach town junkyard.
There he meets Hailee Steinfeld's 'Charlie Watson' and this teenager on the cusp of turning eighteen discovers this is no ordinary, yellow VW bug.
Bumblebee film billboard
Bumblebee billboard Sunset Strip
They're soon pursued by John Cena, an agent from the shadowy overmen agency 'Sector 7', plus evil Decepticons in director Travis Knight's feature film.
Bumblebee film billboard
These movie billboards for Bumblebee's first solo adventure were photographed along the Sunset Strip, Melrose Avenue, La Cienega Boulevard, Ventura Boulevard, La Brea Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard from November 21 to December 4, 2018.
Bumblebee movie billboard
Bumblebee movie logo billboard
Fans of the yellow Autobot can also check him out in these previous Transformers movie billboards filling L.A.'s skies in recent years, plus take a look at the Bumblebee Camaro cars used in the films.
Bumblebee movie billboard
Meanwhile fans of American actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld can also check out these Pitch Perfect movie sequel billboards.
Bumblebee film billboard
This time around for extra stand out in the city skyline, this special billboard installation along the Sunset Strip had a 3D relief Bumblebee which has moving, blinking electronic eyes watching over passersby.
Hailee Steinfeld Bumblebee movie billboard
Let's see if the heroic Autobot can transform into a winning spin-off film franchise for the toys-turned-movie stars this Christmas.
Bumblebee movie billboard

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

MOVIE WEEK: Aquaman billboards...

Aquaman movie billboard
This festive season are you ready to dive into the underwater adventures of Aquaman on the big screen?
Aquaman movie Shaka sign billboard
DC's aquatic superhero has already made a big splash in China with an enormous box office opening of $94 million and now it's time for the rest of the world to take the plunge.
Aquaman Mera billboard
Already known in the sci-fi and fantasy genre for his roles in Stargate: Atlantis and Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa returns this December as the trident-wielding Justice League member.
Aquaman movie billboard
As 'Arthur Curry' he's half-human and half-Atlantean heir to the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, but finds himself facing off against his half-brother 'King Orm' (Patrick Wilson) who wants to unite the seven underwater kingdoms in a war against the polluting surface-dwellers.
Aquaman sharks billboard
Torn between two worlds, Aquaman is helped in his quest by Amber Heard's warrior 'Mera', who was raised by Arthur's mother 'Queen Atlanna' (played by Nicole Kidman).
Aquaman extension cut-out billboard
Created in 1941 by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, the comic book character hasn't always had the best PR and has often been the butt of many jokes in the comedy world and popular culture.
Aquaman Shaka billboard
Jason Momoa has certainly brought a very different brawny, fun-loving, tattooed surfer-dude vibe to the superhero in his cinematic outings.
Aquaman movie billboard
These supercool Aquaman film billboards were photographed in the skies of L.A. along Westwood Boulevard, Sepulveda Boulevard, Highland Avenue, Cahuenga Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, La Brea Avenue and Pico Boulevard from November 27 to December 2, 2018.
Aquaman movie billboard
Fans of the aquatic superhero can also check him out in these Justice League movie billboards from last year.
Aquaman film billboard
Already an overseas smash, let's see how big a tidal wave Jason Momoa's Aquaman can make this holiday season in the U.S., because anyone who can rock orange and green armour as well as he does certainly has what it takes to rule the Christmas box office.
Aquaman special extension cut-out billboard

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

MOVIE WEEK: Roma billboards...

Roma movie cut-out billboard
With a filmography like Y Tu Mamá También, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men and Gravity already under his belt, this awards season Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón is back with his most personal motion picture, Roma.
Roma movie billboard
The Golden Globe-nominated Netflix film even received a three week theatrical window to make it even more appealing for critics and Academy voters.
Roma movie billboard
Nominated for Golden Globes for Best Foreign Language Motion Picture, Best Screenplay and Director, the black and white film is about a middle-class family in Mexico City grappling with a politically and emotionally tumultuous time in the early 1970s.
Roma movie For your consideration billboard
Roma cut-out billboard
Yalitza Aparicio plays 'Cleo', the family's live-in maid and surrogate mother to the children, in her cinematic and acting debut.
Roma movie billboard
And in case you're wondering, the title of this semi-autobiographical film refers to the Colonia Roma district of Mexico City.
Roma film billboard
These movie billboards were photographed along the Sunset Strip, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard from November 15 to December 7, 2018.
Roma billboard
Fans of Alfonso Cuarón can also enjoy all these movie billboards for Gravity filling the city skyline in 2013.
Roma film billboard
Let's see if Roma can land the director more accolades, and more importantly, make the streaming service a studio to be reckoned with in regards to the Academy Awards.
Roma movie extension cut-out billboard

Monday, December 10, 2018

MOVIE WEEK: Mary Poppins Returns billboards...

Mary Poppins Returns movie billboard
Welcome to another MOVIE WEEK here at Daily Billboard and to help kick us off in style we have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious treat, as Mary Poppins Returns
Mary Poppins Returns film billboard
Emily Blunt dons the hat made famous by Julie Andrews in the classic 1964 Disney musical adaptation of P. L. Travers magical nanny, Mary Poppins.
Some iconic movies you just don't mess with or make a sequel to, so can director Rob Marshall, Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda's lamplighter 'Jack' recapture the spoonful of sugar that the original had and also delight audiences with its own unique magic?
Mary Poppins Returns cut-out billboard
This time the spellbinding nanny returns to Depression-era London to help the grown-up 'Banks' children, 'Jane' (Emily Mortimer) and her brother 'Michael' (Ben Whishaw), now a father of three children himself, rediscover the joy they knew when they were younger.
Mary Poppins Returns film billboard
Also along for the musical ride as characters and cameos are the likes of Dick Van Dyke, Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Julie Walters and Angela Lansbury, plus more than a few animated creatures.
Mary Poppins Returns movie billboard
These charming movie billboards were spotted above the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Boulevard, Pico Boulevard and La Brea Avenue from November 11 to December 1, 2018.
Mary Poppins Returns hat extension billboard
Fans of Emily Blunt can also check out these film billboards for The Girl on the Train, these A Quiet Place movie billboards and these billboards for The Five-Year Engagement, to name but a few.
Giant Mary Poppins Returns billboard Sunset Strip
Only time will tell whether Mary Poppins Returns will garner the same critical acclaim, match the original's thirteen Oscar nominations and five wins, and become the same universally beloved movie that generations will enjoy for years to come.

Stay tuned for more movie offerings this holiday season and let's hope this Disney movie is practically perfect and has more than an element of fun to delight cinema goers this December.
Mary Poppins Returns movie billboard
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