Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fastest Car series premiere TV billboard...

Fastest Car series launch billboard
Other cable channels and streaming platforms may have their own car shows, but now Netflix has its own motoring series built for speed, Fastest Car.
Fastest Car season 1 billboard
In this eight episode first season racers of exotic supercars take on souped up sleepers built by true gearheads, all with one mission, win at all costs.

This Netflix series launch billboard was spotted above West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on April 10, 2018.
Fastest Car series premiere billboard
Auto aficionados can also enjoy these Top Gear billboards, these billboards for The Grand Tour, these Need for Speed movie billboards and all these Fast and the Furious movie billboards.

You'd better fasten your seatbelts as it looks like this maybe a bumpy and full throttle ride.
Fastest Car Netflix series billboard

Friday, April 20, 2018

Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas series premiere TV billboards...

Wyatt Cenacs Problem Areas series premiere billboard
This April People of Earth's Wyatt Cenac embarks on a journey to explore the Problem Areas of America from a satirical slant.
Wyatt Cenac Problem Areas HBO billboard
Coming out from behind the late-night desk, the comedian and actor gives his unique spin on social and cultural issues across the United States.
Problem Areas series billboard
Daily Billboard loves this ad creative with the map of the U.S. made out of different coloured Post-it notes, it's very inventive and eye-catching.
Wyatt Cenacs Problem Areas billboard
These fun series launch billboards were spotted along Pico Boulevard, La Brea Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard from March 26 to April 12, 2018.

What do you consider the problems areas in this country, if any?
Wyatt Cenacs Problem Areas billboard

Thursday, April 19, 2018

I Feel Pretty movie billboards...

I Feel Pretty movie billboard
After stumbling on the big screen co-starring with Goldie Hawn as mother and daughter in last year's Snatched, can the hilarious Amy Schumer find the funny again in her new comedy, I Feel Pretty
I Feel Pretty billboard
In the new movie she plays a woman who struggles with her insecurities and inadequacies, until an accident at spin class makes her thinks she's the most beautiful and capable woman in the world.

Her newfound confident mindset empowers her to live her life fearlessly, but what happens when she discovers her looks never really changed?
I Feel Pretty billboard
These life-affirming, joyful film billboards were spied along the Sunset Strip and above Melrose Avenue from April 3 to April 9, 2018.
I Feel Pretty film billboard
Fans of the funny lady can also enjoy these Snatched movie billboards, these Trainwreck movie billboards and these Inside Amy Schumer billboards.
Amy Schumer I Feel Pretty movie billboard
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live in a world where people judged us by our character and qualities, rather than solely on our appearance at first glance.

Want to feel better? Try complimenting someone today, and not just about their looks, a little kindness goes a long way, and you'll feel better for doing it.
I Feel Pretty movie billboard

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Chef's Table: Pastry TV billboards...

Chefs Table Pastry extension cut-out billboard
This April Netflix and David Gelb's foodie documentary series turns its focus to four creative dessert makers in Chef's Table: Pastry.
Chefs Table Pastry billboard
For this fourth installment of episodes delving into famous chefs kitchens, lives and inspirations take us into the world of pastry chefs, dessert virtuosos and bakery entrepreneurs Corrado Assenza from Italy, Jordi Roca from Spain and Christina Tosi and Will Goldfarb from America.
Chefs Table Pastry billboard
These eye-catching pink special extension cut-out billboards were snapped above Westwood Boulevard and Pico Boulevard on April 8, 2018.

The multi-tiered cake itself used in this key art looks delicious, if a little sloppy in the layers, what would Mary Berry say.
Chefs Table Pastry cake cut-out billboard
Fans of Netflix's docu-series shining a light on extraordinary chefs around the world can also enjoy these other Chef's Table billboards from recent years.
Chefs Table Pastry TV billboard
Is it just us, or does this mouth-watering cake spectacular make you crave something sweet? Dessert, pies, or pastries anyone?
Chefs Table Pastry Netflix series billboard

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Westworld season two TV billboards...

Giant Westworld season 2 billboard
This April HBO's television adaptation of Michael Crichton's A.I. sci-fi drama, Westworld, comes back online with just a few upgrades.
Westworld season 2 billboard
Last season we were introduced to a Wild West-themed amusement park where high-paying guests were able to live out their fantasies with the help of android hosts, some of them subjected to untold horrors and deaths, with their memories wiped over and over again.
Giant Westworld season 2 billboard
In the season finale Anthony Hopkins park founder, 'Dr. Robert Ford', unshackled the hosts from their behavioral restraints and helped them gain awareness of their existence, freeing the likes of Evan Rachel Woods 'Dolores', Thandie Newton's 'Maeve', James Marsden's 'Teddy' and Jeffrey Wright's 'Bernard'.
Westworld season 2 vulture billboard
The hosts turned again their human oppressors and started killing the board of Delos Incorporated, the park's shadowy owners.

So what happens next after this uprising and will we get to visit other worlds, like Shogun World and find out where these parks are actually located, and will dangling plot threads be resolved?
Westworld season 2 billboard
These atmospheric sophomore season billboards, featuring a partially 3D printed android vulture next to Ed Harris' bloody 'Man in Black' cowboy hat, were photographed along the Sunset Strip and La Cienega Boulevard from March 28 to April 4, 2018.
Giant Westworld season 2 billboard
Fans of the sci-fi series can also enjoy all these Westworld season one and awards consideration billboards.
Westworld season 2 billboard
The inaugural season of Westworld garnered twenty-two Emmy nominations and took home five in total, but can the series deliver new mysteries and thrills to be explored with these ten all-new episodes and will the hosts really rise above their programming and control their own destinies.

It looks like it's time to write a new narrative as 'Chaos takes control'.
Giant Westworld season 2 vulture billboard

Monday, April 16, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War movie billboards...

Giant Avengers Infinity War movie billboard
This April Earth's mightiest heroes assemble for a third time on the big screen, but this time they're not alone as they are joined by the Guardians of the Galaxy, the technology-advanced nation of Wakanda, the best mystics the Marvel Cinematic Universe have to offer and a friendly neighbourhood 'Spider-man'.
Hulk Panther Widow Avengers Infinity War billboard
Finally after being teased for years in previous Marvel Studios movies, the villainous 'Thanos' makes his presence felt along with his 'Black Order' and the planet's heroes will need all the help they can get from home, and beyond, in Avengers: Infinity War.
Avengers Infinity War film billboard
Having been divided in Captain America: Civil War, it's time for the Avengers to put aside their differences and unite against this deadly alien threat that wants to use the six 'Infinity Stones' to control the universe.
Avengers Infinity War Scarlet Witch Falcon Vision billboard
Original members, 'Iron Man', 'Captain America', 'Black Widow', 'Thor' and 'Hulk' are all there along with newer Avengers, 'Falcon', 'Vision', Scarlet Witch' and 'War Machine', plus they're joined in the fight by Sorcerer Supreme 'Doctor Strange' and 'Wong' and fresh from the success of their box office smash 'Black Panther' and the proud Wakandan warrior women, 'Okoye' and 'Shuri'.
Avengers Infinity War Thor Guardians Galaxy billboard
From the depths of space the God of Thunder brings along 'Star-Lord' to help save his home planet with 'Drax', 'Rocket', 'Groot' and 'Mantis', plus 'Gamora' and 'Nebula' who have an axe to grind with their warlord adopted father, Thanos.
Avengers Infinity War movie billboard
This movie spectacular has everything but the kitchen sink, but where's 'Hawkeye' in these outdoor ads. He's conspicuous by his absence. Is he officially retired, or is he on some top secret mission to help save the day.
Avengers Infinity War movie teaser billboard
Also will the astonishing 'Ant-Man' and the 'Wasp' feature in this movie, or the fourth Avengers installment?
Avengers Infinity War movie billboard
The Avengers Infinity logo teaser billboard was first spied along Santa Monica Boulevard on March 15, whilst the jam-packed giant-sized theatrical version was snapped towering over the Sunset Strip on March 27, 2018.
Avengers Infinity War movie billboard
The other team-up landscape billboards which feature interesting combinations of characters, were spotted along Ventura Boulevard, Cahuenga Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, La Brea Avenue and Venice Boulevard from April 4 to 9, 2018.
Bucky Cap America Nebula Shuri Avengers Infinity billboard
Fans of Marvel's mighty assemblage can also enjoy these previous Avengers movie billboards, these Iron Man movie billboards, these Captain America movie billboards, these Thor movie billboards, these Doctor Strange movie billboards and these Guardians of the Galaxy movie billboards.
Avengers Infinity War movie billboard
From these billboards it looks like War Machine is back in action after being injured in Civil War, but can Vison and Scarlet Witch survive this experience after receiving their lives and powers from the 'Mind Stone'.
Avengers Infinity War Thor GOTG billboard
Thor lost an eye battling 'Hela' in Ragnarok, but will this mighty band lose more before this epic cosmic battle is over?
Avengers Infinity Dr Strange Spiderman Iron Man Wong billboard
Will magic, youthful enthusiasm,Wakandan science and new armour be enough to save Earth from these galactic forces of evil?
Avengers Infinity War teaser billboard
You know, a few casualties of war would make it easier to fit all these superheroes onto a poster for the next Avengers movie. Just saying.
Avengers Infinity War film billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a special extension cut-out for the Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy version spotted along Pico Boulevard on April 17, 2018.
Avengers Infinity War Thor GOTG billboard

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fear the Walking Dead season four TV billboards...

Fear the Walking Dead season 4 billboard
There may be some new and familiar faces on this season four key art for Fear the Walking Dead, but it's still great to see Kim Dickens 'Madison Clark' front and centre, leading the charge against the zombie apocalypse.
Fear the Walking Dead season 4 billboard
This mother, protector, fighter and survivor has come a long way from being a high school counselor and part of a blended family.

For the flagship spin-off's fourth season after surviving the dam-busting experience of the third season finale, the extended Clark family (including Alycia Debnam-Carey's 'Alicia', Frank Dillane's Nick', Danay GarcĂ­a's 'Luciana' and Colman Domingo's grifter 'Victor Strand') are joined by The Walking Dead's Lennie James character, 'Morgan Jones', and his deadly wooden staff, who's not always the sanest person in the room.
Fear Walking Dead season 4 billboard
Other new characters making their debut this season and potential zombie fodder include Garret Dillahunt's sharpshooter 'John', Maggie's Grace's armoured vehicle-driving 'Althea' and Jenna Elfman's survivor 'Naomi'.
Fear Walking Dead season 4 billboard
These season four billboards looking much more action-packed than previous season key art and were snapped along the Sunset Strip from April 4 to April 6, 2018.

Fans of the post-apocalyptic zombie drama can also enjoy all these previous season promo billboards for Fear the Walking Dead.
Fear Walking Dead season 4 billboard
With new showrunners, the chance to see the show from a new perspective, new communities, new characters and multiple timelines, this rebooted fourth season sounds like it's getting a new lease of life, that is, before everyone gets killed off.

Has this spin-off prequel lost its identity, will Morgan crossing over from the flagship show bring in new viewers and can this massive cast survive sixteen all-new episodes in one piece? There's only one way to find out, tune in and be afraid on a weekly basis.
Fear Walking Dead season 4 billboard
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