Monday, December 31, 2018

The Masked Singer series premiere TV billboards...

Masked Singer special extension cut-out billboard
Happy New Year's Eve! Welcome to another magical and mysterious week here at Daily Billboard, when you're never quite sure what will appear in the city skyline next.
Masked Singer series premiere billboard
To kick us off this week we have the series launch billboards for Fox's new singing competition show, The Masked Singer.
Masked Singer Poodle billboard
Masked Singer series launch billboard
Nick Cannon hosts this celebrity talent competition with panelists, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger, and the audience all wondering who these costumed singers are.
Masked Singer series premiere billboard
Based on the international format and viral sensation, will you be able to guess the identity of the celebrities behind the mask? Are they an actor, an athlete, model, reality star, or even a Grammy Award winner?
Masked Singer peacock billboard
Masked Singer season 1 billboard
These eye-catching series launch billboards with their menagerie of contestants were captured along the Sunset Strip, Vine Street, San Vicente Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, Westwood Boulevard and Pico Boulevard from November 24 to December 26, 2018.
Masked Singer rabbit billboard
Masked Singer series launch billboard
These masked singers may roar like lions, squawk like birds and howl like a dog, but the mystery remains, 'What Does The Fox Say'?!?
Masked Singer series billboard
UPDATED: The Masked Singer seems to be a hit, or at least these reviews imply that. This billboard for the ridonkulous series was snapped at Fox Studios along Pico Boulevard on January 19, 2019.
Masked Singer season 1 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a season finale billboard for the bonkers singing show spotted at Fox Studios on February 23, 2019.
Masked Singer season 1 finale billboard
UPDATED: It won over the viewers, but can The Masked Singer win over TV Academy voters with the help of this Emmy consideration billboard snapped along the Sunset Strip on May 24, 2019.
Consider Crazy Masked Singer Emmy FYC billboard

Sunday, December 30, 2018

I'm Sorry season 2 TV billboards...

book monster I'm Sorry season 2 billboard
Daily Billboard thinks we can all agree that 2018 hasn't been a great year for the vast majority of us and so we're all hoping for more laughs in the New Year.
I'm Sorry season 2 billboard
One funny lady hoping to supply some hilarity in 2019 is Andrea Savage with the second season of her TruTV sitcom, I'm Sorry
Im Sorry season 2 teaser billboard
The comedian returns as the unfiltered mother of inquisitive daughter 'Amelia' and wife (of on-screen husband Tom Everett Scott) as she navigates her career, parenthood and life.
disgusting Im Sorry season 2 billboard
These season two billboards were photographed along La Brea Avenue, Melrose Avenue, Fountain Avenue, Westwood Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard from December 14 to December 28, 2018.
Im Sorry season 2 billboard
These fun teaser billboards just give you a glimpse of the things spewing from her mouth on occasion, whilst the key art actually shows you in illustrated form.
Im Sorry season 2 teaser billboard
Fans of the sophomore comedy can also check out these season one billboards for I'm Sorry from June and July 2017.
I'm Sorry season 2 billboard
Here's to more fun, laughter and good news in 2019, because none of us can make another twelve months like this past year.
raccoon garbage Im Sorry season 2 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a larger landscape version of the sophomore season key art spotted along La Brea Avenue on January 2, 2019.
Im Sorry season 2 billboard

Saturday, December 29, 2018

This billboard has been usurped by a generic streaming giant. Thanks for 8 years. Adult Swim...

billboard usurped by generic streaming giant Thanks for 8 years Adult Swim
Say it ain't so. By the looks of this billboard, Adult Swim has lost its longtime permanent fixture along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip thanks to Netflix.

The subscription streaming giant recently acquired 32 Regency billboards along the heavily trafficked commuter belt of Sunset Boulevard for $150 million (rather than buying the company itself for a rumoured $300 million), and it appears than Adult Swim is one of the casualties (unless this is the ultimate fake out).
Thanks for 8 years Adult Swim billboard
Obviously all's fair in the world of outdoor advertising, but Daily Billboard shall miss the eclectic, quirky, unconventional, bizarre, provocative and downright bonkers ad creatives for animated and live-action shows that have graced Adult Swim's billboard hoarding in the last eight years.
billboard usurped generic streaming giant Adult Swim
This billboard blatantly poking fun at the streaming giant was snapped on December 28, 2018.

Be sure to also check out some of Daily Billboard's favourite ads in this location across the years, including these festive Adult Swim billboards, these Childrens Hospital billboards, this Metalocalypse billboard, this Newsreaders billboard asking how astronauts poop in space, these Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell billboards, these Delocated billboards, these Black Jesus billboards and these Robot Chicken billboards, to name but a few examples.
usurped generic streaming giant Thanks 8 years Adult Swim billboard
Wow, so many memories. This really seems like an end of an era and not just a year.

Adult Swim has set a high bar of out-of-home creativity and mighty shoes to fill, let's hope Netflix is up to the task.
Thanks for 8 years Adult Swim
UPDATED: It's the dawn of a new age as here's the new billboard location for Adult Swim along Sunset Boulevard at Hayworth Avenue, snapped on January 30, 2019.
This is the new Adult Swim billboard Sunset Boulevard
This billboard on billboard ad creative is a clever way to announce its arrival, so let's hope we'll be enjoying hilarity for years to come in this new location.
This is the new Adult Swim billboard
UPDATED: And as a further genius snub to Netflix, Adult Swim has found a new mini sign site under its old large billboard along the Sunset Strip, snapped on May 22, 2019.
This is the new adult swim sign billboard
And here's a look at the subversive sign from the other side of the road on June 28, 2019.
This is the new adult swim sign billboard Sunset Strip

Friday, December 28, 2018

On the Basis of Sex movie billboard...

On the Basis of Sex movie billboard
If you're looking for some inspiration to take you into the New Year, then look no further than the biographical legal drama about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, On the Basis of Sex.

Felicity Jones plays the young lawyer in her early life and career, as she brings a landmark case of gender discrimination with the help of her husband (played by Armie Hammer) before the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in the 1970s in the film directed by Mimi Leder.
On the Basis of Sex film billboard
This giant-sized movie billboard was photographed along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on December 26, 2018.

Fans do the movie can also check out Felicity Jones screen-worn costumes from On the Basis of Sex on display.
On the Basis of Sex movie billboard
Admirers of the actress can also see more of her in these Rogue One: A Star Wars Story billboards and these Inferno movie billboards.
On the Basis of Sex movie billboard
If the 85-year-old's resilience through recent falls and lung surgery don't inspire you, then maybe the Supreme Court Justice's lifelong fight for equality in cinematic form will.

And if you're looking for even more inspiration from her life, make sure you also check out the RBG documentary from earlier this year by Julie Cohen and Betsy West.
On the Basis of Sex film billboard

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Passage series premiere TV billboards...

Passage series premiere billboard
A brand New Year is almost upon us so prepare for a whole new slew of TV shows trying to grab your attention.

Fox is offering up something supernatural in the form of The Passage, based on Justin Cronin's trilogy of novels.
Passage giant season 1 billboard
In the series a secret government medical facility, Project Noah, is experimenting on a virus which could lead to the cure for all diseases, but also may wipe out all life on Earth.
Passage series launch billboard
When Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Federal Agent 'Brad Wolgast' is sent to collect a young girl for experimentation, 'Amy Bellafonte' played by Saniyya Sidney, he has a change of heart and instead goes on the run with he child acting as her protector.
Passage season 1 billboard
The standard landscape launch billboards for The Passage were snapped along the Sunset Strip and Pico Boulevard on December 7.
Passage TV billboard
Meanwhile the giant-sized version was spied on the side of West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel on December 15, 2018.
Passage giant series launch billboard
What if one girl could save humanity from a global pandemic, would you allow her to be experimented upon and maybe turned into some kind of vampiric creature? What would you do, what choice would you make?
Passage series premiere billboard

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Stan & Ollie movie billboard...

Stan & Ollie movie billboard
In Stan & Ollie the world's most famous comedy duo attempt to reignite their film careers as they embark on a grueling variety hall tour of post-WWII Britain.
Stan Ollie film billboard
The biographical comedy-drama set in the 1950s sees Steve Coogan play Englishman 'Stan Laurel' and John C. Reilly star as the American 'Oliver Hardy', as the iconic comedy double act undertake their farewell tour, supported by their loving wives as the strains of their hectic schedule and ill health threaten their creative partnership.
Stan and Ollie movie billboard
This film billboard was captured along Sunset Boulevard at Fairfax Avenue, not far from the Directors Guild of America, on December 7, 2018.

If the holiday season hasn't filled you with enough goodwill and festive cheer, then maybe you'll be bowled over by this comedic duo's legendary slapstick humour and enduring friendship.
Stan and Ollie film billboard

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Feliz Navidad Corona beer billboards...

Feliz Navidad Corona beer billboard
Feliz Navidad. Nadolig Llawen. Fröhliche Weihnachten. Joyeux Noël. Merry Christmas.

So many different ways to wish someone a joyful day whether it's in Spanish, Welsh, German, French or even English.
Feliz Navidad Corona billboard
Corona is getting into the holiday spirit this season by trimming palm tree with Christmas lights at the beach.

These festive billboards were spied along Hollywood Boulevard and Pico Boulevard from November 24 to November 27, 2018.
Feliz Navidad Corona billboard
Fans of the beer brand can also enjoy all these other Corona billboards refreshing the city skyline in recent years.

However you say or celebrate today, and even if you don't, have a wonderful day.
Corona Feliz Navidad billboard