Thursday, November 23, 2017

Battle Chef Brigade Holiday 2017 billboard...

Battle Chef Brigade Holiday 2017 billboard
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today's a day for friends and families in America to come together a share a meal, give thanks and most importantly, eat lots of turkey.
Battle Chef Brigade game billboard
This game billboard for Battle Chef Brigade may not seem the most festive, but it does sport a home-cooked turkey so it seems appropriate for the holidays, and was spotted above West Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard on November 6, 2017.

However in this Adult Swim game the magical chefs forage and hunt for their own ingredients, monsters and fantastical creatures, to feed the bellies of their guests and win culinary competitions.
Battle Chef Brigade Holiday 2017 billboard
Just be thankful you're not having to slay any dragons, basilisks, chimeras or griffins to put a hot meal on the table this Thanksgiving.

Whatever you get up to today, Daily Billboard hopes it's not too stressful and that your hearts are as full as your bellies by day's end. Safe travels.
Battle Chef Brigade Adult Swim game billboard

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