Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Time Disney California Adventure 2017 billboards...

Halloween Time Disney California Adventure 2017 billboard
Happy Halloween! It wouldn't be the witching season without Disney's theme parks haunting the skies with spooky billboards for their annual Halloween Time.
Halloween Time Disney billboard
This year 'Oogie Boogie' from The Nightmare Before Christmas and a vampiric 'Mater' from Cars are providing the frights and delights for this trick-or-treat season.
Oogie Boogie Halloween Time Disney billboard
These Halloween Time billboards were snapped along La Brea Avenue, Melrose Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard from September 24 to September 28, 2017.
Oogie Boogie Halloween Time billboard
For more spooky fun you can also check out at these other Disneyland Halloween Time billboards from years past.
Halloween Time Vampire Mater billboard
How better way to spend your Halloween than getting scared by your favorite Disney villains and characters in fancy dress at the park and riding rollercoasters to make you scream.

Whatever frightful fun and games you get up to tonight, have a spooktacular time.
Halloween Time Oogie Boogie billboard

Monday, October 30, 2017

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Clown 2017 billboards...

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Clown 2017 billboard
This certainly has been the year of the creepy clown, with everything from 'Pennywise' in the IT movie to the psycho clowns of American Horror Story: Cult making a killing.
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Clown billboard
The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride this Halloween wants to cash in on the circus of horrors with its own Clown theme to help provide the scares at the site of the old abandoned zoo in Griffith Park in the dark of night.
LA Haunted Hayride Clown billboard
Creepy corn mazes, possessed demonic houses, macabre sights and sudden frights, will you be hopping aboard this nightmare ride this Halloween season?
LA Haunted Hayride Clown billboard
These Haunted Hayride billboards offer equal opportunity psychotic clowns, male and female options, whatever your preference for being gutted and dismembered, ahh equality.
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride Clown billboard
They were first spied appearing in the skies of L.A. from October 11, then snapped in greater abundance along Melrose Avenue, Pico Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard through October 21, 2017.

Fans of the annual attraction can also check out all these previous creepy billboards for L.A.'s Haunted Hayride from recent years.
LA Haunted Hayride Clown 2017 billboard
If you suffer from coulrophobia, a fear or clowns, then driving around L.A. must be a real nightmare at the moment, so drive safe and try and have a Happy Halloween.
LA Haunted Hayride Clown 2017 billboard
UPDATED: For Halloween 2018 the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is celebrating ten years of scares.
LA Haunted Hayride 10 years billboard
These tenth anniversary billboards were snapped along Pico Boulevard and La Brea Avenue from September 30 to October 15, 2018.
Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 10 years billboard

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories season one and two TV billboards...

Tim Eric Bedtime Stories season 2 billboard
Daily Billboard has been holding on to these billboards for Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories for a while now as they have a certain spooky Halloween horror quality to them, don't you think.
Tim Eric Bedtime Stories season 1 billboard
Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim bring their demented sense of humour to this anthology horror series to help give you nightmares before you go to sleep.
Bedtime Stories season 2 billboard
This darker sophomore season billboard was first spied along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on August 28, 2017, whilst the lighter season one billboard was spotted in the same Adult Swim ad location on September 15, 2014.

Both ad creatives look like the comedy duo have been taken over by pod people or possessed by evil spirits.
Bedtime Stories series launch billboard
For more comedic horror this Halloween weekend, be sure to also check out these billboards for Boo! A Madea Halloween, these Ash vs Evil Dead TV billboards and these billboards for The Rocky Horror Picture Show TV remake.

Sweet dreams and don't let those monsters under the bed bite.
Tim Eric Bedtime Stories season 2 billboard

Saturday, October 28, 2017

I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman series premiere TV billboards...

I Love You America Sarah Silverman billboard
With Chelsea Handler's talkshow having been cancelled after two seasons on Netflix, can Sarah Silverman's new Hulu series be able to take up the late-night streaming mantle with I Love You, America.
I Love You America Sarah Silverman billboard
After one of the most divisive presidential elections in U.S. history and the ongoing attempts of the current administration to give more tax relief to the rich, make deals to line the pockets of friends, family and donors, take away the rights of immigrants, lower income families, people of colour, muslims, women and LGBT citizens, trying to sabotage healthcare for millions, supporting White Supremacists, doing nothing to introduce sensible gun safety laws, tearing undocumented families apart, demonizing the press, insulting grieving Gold Star families and keeping the threat of nuclear war with North Korea alive in all our minds, can the comedian help unite the nation rather than further divide it with her unique brand of comedy, conversations and songs.
I Love You America billboard
After all the insults to freedom and her character the Statue of Liberty has endured in recent months it would be no wonder if she turned her back on America.

These witty series launch billboards were snapped along Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard from October 5 to October 22, 2017.
I Love You America Hulu billboard
Fans of the funny lady can also check out these Sarah Silverman stand-up special billboards, and for more spoofs of the iconic U.S. landmark be sure to also take a gander at all these fun Statue of Liberty billboards.
I Love You America Statue of Liberty billboard
Let's hope we can all continue to love America and that the land of the free and home of the brave continues to be a beacon of democracy, diversity and decency, and doesn't continue down the dark path of being a fascist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, isolationist bully at home and on the world stage.
Sarah Silverman I Love You, America billboard
UPDATED: Can Sarah Silverman earn herself an Emmy nomination for her attempts to 'Reconnect the nation' with this Hulu show? Maybe this Emmy FYC billboard snapped along Cahuenga Boulevard on June 24, 2018 will help.
I Love You America Reconnect the nation Emmy FYC billboard
And here's the Emmy consideration billboard better illuminated.
I Love You America Emmy FYC billboard
UPDATED: Congratulations to the series for garnering an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series, let's see if this Emmy nominee billboard spotted above La Brea Avenue on August 7, 2018, helps secure TV Academy votes.
I Love You America Emmy nominated 2018 billboard

Friday, October 27, 2017

Jigsaw movie billboards...

Jigsaw movie billboard
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cinema the Saw horror franchise gets resurrected in time for Halloween with Jigsaw.
Jigsaw movie billboard
In this eighth installment new bodies are showing up dead with a unique gruesome signature, the evidence and police suggest it's the work of 'John Kramer', the killer known as 'Jigsaw', but he died ten years ago, right?
Jigsaw movie billboard
These creepy movie billboards were snapped above Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard and Venice Boulevard from October 10 to October 15, 2017.

Fans of scary movies and TV shows can also check out all these other horror-themed billboards.
Jigsaw film billboard
Is there a copycat killer on the loose with a penchant for torture and gore? You'll just have to piece together the clues, and body parts, to find out this spooky season.

Let's see if Jigsaw can slay the competition at the box office this weekend.
Jigsaw movie billboard

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Suburbicon movie billboards...

Suburbicon film billboard
Suburbicon is the new 1950s-set movie from director George Clooney, who has rewritten an 80s script by the Coen Brothers with Grant Heslov.

Matt Damon plays a father and husband man, 'Gardner Lodge', pushed to the edge when his nuclear family (Julianne Moore and Noah Jupe) living in their seemingly idyllic suburban community are threatened by violent mobsters.
Suburbicon movie billboard
These billboards for the movie were photographed along La Brea Avenue, Melrose Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard from October 4 to October 10, 2017.
Suburbicon movie billboard
Matt Damon fans can also enjoy these movie billboards for The Martian, these Jason Bourne movie billboards and these film billboards for The Adjustment Bureau, to name but a few.
Suburbicon film billboard
If you like the movie you can also check out these original Suburbicon movie costumes and props on display.

This montage ad design also reminds Daily Billboard of these Collateral Beauty movie billboards, so let's hope this film fares better this weekend than that box office flop.
Matt Damon Suburbicon billboard
Matt Damon is desperately trying not to get caught up in the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault and harassment scandal engulfing Hollywood at the moment, and whether he had any knowledge of said offenses and actions, so let's see if that has any impact on prospective cinema goers.
Suburbicon film billboard

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

StartUp season two TV billboards...

StartUp season 2 billboard
When you think of streaming services, platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu come to mind, but what about Crackle?
StartUp season 2 Crackle billboard
In addition to a back catalogue of Sony movies and TV shows, the free service is also offering more original content of late, like the stop-motion animated comedy SuperMansion, the Snatch TV remake and the second season of crime thriller, StartUp.
StartUp season 2 billboard
This season the drama adds Ron Perlman to the cast as a multi-millionaire businessman after the takeover of their GenCoin venture by the Russian mob and sees Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi and Otmara Marrero's tech partnership launch a new darknet endeavour.
Ron Perlman StartUp season 2 billboard
These sophomore season billboards were snapped along Pico Boulevard, La Brea Avenue, La Cienega Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard and the Sunset Strip from October 4 to October 21, 2017.

Meanwhile fans of Ron Perlman can check out these Hand of God billboards, Martin Freeman admirers can enjoy all these movie billboards for The Hobbit Trilogy and you can see Edi Gathegi in this billboard for The Blacklist: Redemption.
StartUp season 2 billboard
Plus be sure to also take a look at these giant-sized Crackle billboards promoting the streaming platform in summer 2011.

Aside from being free to view, best of all you don't need to visit the darknet to watch the second season of StartUp.
StartUp season 2 billboard

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Apple iPhone X billboards...

Apple iPhone X billboard
If you're wondering what gift to buy a loved one this holiday season, it looks like Apple has the perfect solution for high-tech lovers with its new iPhone X.
Apple iPhone X billboard
The sleek new iPhone model has an all-screen design, Face ID (which makes your gorgeous mug your password) and apparently the smartest smartphone chip ever.
iPhone X billboard
Can you believe the iPhone launched over ten years ago already, back in June 2007, and this latest streamline version from Apple is so intelligent it can either respond to your voice, a tap, or even a glance.
iPhone X billboard
It's amazing to think how much smartphones have changed our lives these past few years, from making phone calls, texting and chatting, taking photos and selfies, online banking and paying at the checkout, playing games, booking tickets, watching movies and your favourite shows, these days there's an app for everything.
Apple iPhone X billboard
These vibrant smartphone billboards brightening L.A.'s city skyline were photographed from October 4 to October 13, 2017, along the Sunset Strip, Melrose Avenue, Bundy Drive, Santa Monica Boulevard, Vine Street, Beverly Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard.
Giant Apple iPhone X billboard Sunset Vine
If you like these colourful billboards, be sure to also check out all these other outdoor advertising campaigns for Apple's iPhone from years past.
Apple iPhone X billboard
Plus to see how competitors advertise their all-screen smartphones, you can compare these new ads to these Samsung Galaxy S8 billboards in the skies earlier this spring.
Apple iPhone X billboard
With prices starting at $999, will the iPhone X be on your wish list this festive season?
Giant Apple iPhone X billboards
UPDATED: With the iPhone X out on November 3 and no doubt selling like hotcakes, Apple removed the date on its billboards and introduced a few new colour combinations on the smartphone's screen.
Apple iPhone X billboard
These second wave billboards were snapped along the Sunset Strip and Beverly Boulevard from November 3 to November 7, 2017.
Apple iPhone X billboard