Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fly above the frenzy Aviation American Gin billboards...

Fly above frenzy Aviation Gin billboard
With temperatures soaring in L.A. this long weekend if you're looking for a cocktail to quench your thirst, maybe a dash of Aviation American Gin will help lift your summer spirits.
Aviation Gin retro plane billboard
This Portland-made gin billboard with its vintage airplane feel really stands out as it flies across the sprawling city skyline.
Aviation American Gin billboard
This 'Fly above the frenzy' billboard was first snapped flying high over Beverly Boulevard on August 4, then later along Santa Monica Boulevard on August 17, 2017.
Aviation Gin Fly above the frenzy billboard
You don't see as many gin brands advertising outdoors compared to vodka offerings, but fans of the juniper berry-flavoured spirit can also check out these Tanqueray Gin billboards filling the skies in recent years.
Fly above frenzy Aviation Gin billboard
Daily Billboard raises a glass to you this Labor Day weekend, wherever you may be flying off to, or staying put. Cheers!
Aviation Gin airplane billboard Beverly Boulevard

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