Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Sinner series premiere TV billboards...

Giant Jessica Biel Sinner series premiere billboard
Daily Billboard feels cold and wet just looking these billboards for USA Network's new limited series, The Sinner (which is odd as temperatures are soaring in L.A.).
Sinner series premiere billboard
Jessica Biel returns to the small screen in the eight-part adaptation of Petra Hammesfahr's 2007 novel of the same name as 'Cora', a depressed young mother who brutally stabs a young man to death in broad daylight with her family and dozens of bystanders watching.
Sinner limited series billboard
Both we and she are unsure why she did it, so rather than the usual murder mystery where we're looking for who did it, this time we're left to ponder the reasons why.
Sinner series premiere billboard
Intrigued by what should be a simple case, Bill Pullman's 'Detective Harry Ambrose' becomes obsessed with the investigation to find out what triggered Cora and what demons drove her to kill this man.
Giant Jessica Biel Sinner series launch billboard
Was it something about the victim, the pressure of being a wife and mother, some tragedy or abuse from her past, we'll just have to watch and see.
Sinner USA series billboard
These arresting series launch billboards were photographed in multiple locations along Sunset Boulevard and along Fairfax Avenue from July 11 to July 17, 2017.
Jessica Biel Sinner series premiere billboard
Fans of the actress married to Justin Timberlake can also check out these Total Recall movie remake billboards from 2012.
Sinner series launch billboard
Only time will tell whether The Sinner be the summer crime thriller you've been looking for to keep you entertained whilst you wait for the onslaught of the fall TV season.
Jessica Biel Sinner billboard
UPDATED: The Sinner was well received and now it's hoping to leverage that success into some Golden Globe and TV industry awards accolades with consideration billboards like this spied above the Sunset Strip on November 15, 2017.
Sinner Golden Globe FYC billboard
Plus here's also some additional super-sized consideration support snapped nearby along West Hollywood's busy Sunset Boulevard on November 28, 2017.
Sinner giant Golden Globe FYC billboard Sunset Strip
UPDATED: The Sinner may not have won either of its two Golden Globe nominations, but that's not stopping the limited series trying for Emmy success with an all-new consideration campaign.
Sinner giant Emmy FYC billboard Sunset Strip
Here's another giant-sized FYC billboard on the side of West Hollywood's Andaz Hotel, and an example of several landscape Emmy billboards spied along Sunset Boulevard from June 1 to June 7, 2018.
The Sinner Emmy FYC billboard

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