Thursday, August 3, 2017

Detroit movie billboards...

Detroit movie billboard
Let's face it, Donald Trump encouraging police brutality will not end well in a country already racked with racial and political tensions.
Detroit film billboard
In fact you only have to look to history to see this, so Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal's new cinematic collaboration Detroit has never been more timely.
Detroit movie billboard
The film based around the true events after a police raid on an unlicensed, after-hours bar sparked the deadly and destructive riots that lasted five days in 1967, stars John Boyega, Anthony Mackie, Algee Smith, Jason Mitchell and Will Poulter.
Detroit film billboard
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Detroit, Michigan's 12th Street Riot, with the city under curfew the story explores the events around the Algiers Motel incident, which left three black men dead at white police officers hands and nine other people brutally beaten.
Detroit billboard
Sounds like another dark chapter in America's history some people would rather forget.
Detroit film billboard
These Detroit movie billboards were first spotted along the Sunset Strip on July 4, then snapped later high above Hollywood & Highland and along Pico Boulevard and Melrose Avenue through July 12, 2017.
Detroit film billboard
Fans of film fashion can also check out these original movie costumes from Detroit on display.
Detroit movie billboard
Meanwhile for more films from Kathryn Bigelow, make sure you also check out this billboard for The Hurt Locker and these movie billboards for Zero Dark Thirty.
Detroit film billboard
Just to reiterate, only weak, gutless fascist dictators encourage police to be more violent in their duties and a true leader champions fair treatment, mutual respect, compassion, inclusivity and equality for all their country's citizens.
Detroit This is America billboard
UPDATED: Detroit may not have received any Golden Globe nominations but that doesn't stop the film from campaigning for other Hollywood industry awards this season.
Detroit movie FYC billboard
This striking billboard featuring Algee Smith with a quote from The Washington Post was snapped along the Sunset Strip on December 12, 2017.
Detroit movie awards consideration billboard

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