Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Snowfall series premiere TV billboards...

Snowfall series premiere billboard
This summer are you ready to discover how crack began in FX's gritty new drug drama, Snowfall.
Snowfall season 1 FX billboard
The slow-burn drama set in early 80s L.A. follows the interconnected tales of the people that brought cocaine to market, the drug dealers, hustlers and Mexican cartels, and transformed it from a rich white person's party drug to the cheap crack epidemic that decimated poor minority communities.
Snowfall series launch billboard
These vibrant Snowfall series launch billboards were first spied above West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on June 9, then later along Hollywood's Vine Street, La Brea Avenue and Pico Boulevard through on July 4, 2017.
Snowfall series premiere billboard
Meanwhile for more drug-themed dramas, make sure you also enjoy these Breaking Bad TV billboards, these Narcos billboards these Weeds TV billboards and these High Maintenance billboards.
Snowfall season 1 billboard
Snowfall season 1 billboard
Only time will tell whether Snowfall, starring the likes of Damson Idris and Emily Rios, will be the latest FX series that you get hooked on this July.
Snowfall FX series billboard

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