Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return TV billboards...

Twin Peaks The Return billboard
Twenty five years seems like a long time, but it's never too late to grab a slice of pie and re-watch a show like Twin Peaks.
Laura Palmer Twin Peaks Return billboard
And if bingeing on the cult favourite's two seasons and follow-up feature film, Fire Walk With Me, from the early 90s don't satisfy your nostalgic cravings, well you're in luck, as it's time to venture back to the quirkiest and trippiest town in America with Twin Peaks: The Return.
Twin Peaks Return billboard
Kyle MacLachlan reprises his role as 'Special Agent Dale Cooper' in David Lynch's return to the town with the sexist coffee and cherry pie, countless secrets, teenage deaths and one 'Log Lady'.
Laura Palmer Twin Peaks Return billboard
We may have discovered the killer of teen beauty queen 'Laura Palmer' (played by Sheryl Lee) a long ago, but it seems like it's all happening again and after the original series cliffhanger where we discovered Agent Cooper had been inhabited by the malevolent entity, 'Bob', and his soul trapped in the Black Lodge, just who is doing the killing this time around?
Twin Peaks Return 2017 billboard
The portrait Laura Palmer ad creative was first snapped teasing the TV show along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on April 10, whilst the other standard landscape billboards were spied along Melrose Avenue, San Vicente Boulevard and Pico Boulevard on May 3, 2017.
Twin Peaks Return billboard
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Agent Dale Cooper Twin Peaks Return billboard
These all-new eighteen episodes have the promise to be the most offbeat, most unsettling mystery on television yet again, so get ready to speak backwards, geek out at the return of all your favourite townsfolk and check your sanity at the door.
Twin Peaks Return 2017 billboard
UPDATED: Twin Peaks may not have been a big audience success, but let's see if critics will award the show for its innovative and 'transcendent' storytelling with the help of this Emmy consideration billboard spotted along Olympic Boulevard at La Brea Avenue on May 27, 2018.
Twin Peaks 2018 Emmy consideration billboard

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