Saturday, May 6, 2017

The President Show series premiere TV billboard...

President Show series premiere billboard
For some Donald Trump as the 45th President of America is turning into a daily nightmare, but for others it's proving to be invaluable comedy gold, like with this new late night Comedy Central series, The President Show, making laughs out of political farce.

Impersonating POTUS this time around is comedian Anthony Atamanuik, trying to find the funny in the daily exploits of the all-new administration in the White House.
President Show series launch billboard
This series launch parody billboard was photographed along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on April 27, 2017 (Daily Billboard especially likes the Russian nesting dolls decorating Trump's Oval Office, a gift from Vladamir Putin no doubt).

Plus for another Presidential parody be sure to also check out this Richard Nixon Drunk History billboard.
President Show Donald Trump Parody billboard
The latest U.S. President is one big joke after another, but sadly his failures, policy decisions and tantrum tweets have deadly serious results.

For all our sakes let's hope this is one television show (and Presidency) that only lasts for one season.
President Show Comedy Central billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an Emmy consideration billboard for the White House parody show, snapped along Robertson Boulevard on June 24, 2018. Interestingly, maybe purposefully, this FYC billboard is right next to a sign for the Carrier air conditioning company that continues to lay off workers even after Trump promised to save all the jobs, another lie.
President Show season 1 Emmy FYC billboard

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