Saturday, May 13, 2017

Master of None season two TV billboards...

The weekend is here and it's brought with it more binge-worthy viewing from Netflix, this time the second season of Aziz Ansari's comedy, Master of None.
Master of None season 2 Netflix billboard
Ansari and series co-creator Alan Yang won the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for their debut episodes of the critically-acclaimed show, so let's see if they can keep the quality of writing up this time around.
Master of None season 2 billboard
After the breakup with his girlfriend at the end of the first season, Ansari's thirty-something actor 'Dev' left New York City for the delights of Italy, clearing his head with the help of the scenery, the pasta and the Chianti Classico no doubt.
Expect more misadventures in life, love and work, with friends and family (especially as Ansari's own parents will reprise their roles as his onscreen family again).
Master of None season 2 billboard
These stylish black and white sophomore season billboards were snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street from May 3 to May 11, 2017.
Master of None season 2 billboard
Fans of the show can also enjoy these Master of None season one and awards consideration billboards.
Master of None season 2 Netflix billboard
Daily Billboard remembers when Netflix only used to have a handful of ad sites scattered around the city, but now they seem to have billboards on every corner it seems.
We don't know about you, but a getaway to Italy to indulge in the culture, food and wine sounds like the best idea ever (and good news, you can binge the series on the plane on your way).
Master of None season 2 billboard
UPDATED: Master of None certainly like to do things differently, and if you liked the show's season two ad campaign, then you'll love their striking Emmy consideration billboards.
Master of None Visionary Emmy billboard
These zingy yellow ad creatives really stand out around L.A.'s streets and skies, with the 'TV's most visionary' billboard photographed along the Sunset Strip and 'a masterpiece' portrait billboard snapped along Hollywood's Vine Street on June 2, 2017.
Master of None season 2 Emmy FYC billboard
Daily Billboard wishes more studios had such fun with their awards campaign ads, and to be honest with their launch and season premiere billboards.
Master of None 2017 Emmy FYC billboard
Plus here's another rather 'Magnificent' Emmy consideration billboard for the sophomore season spotted along Pico Boulevard at La Brea Avenue on June 9, 2017.
Master of None Magnificent 2017 Emmy FYC billboard
These bright, joy-filled billboards certainly pack a punch in the city skyline and you can't help but notice them.
Master of None Magnificent season 2 Emmy billboard
UPDATED: All that Emmy consideration campaigning seems to have paid off for the second season of Master of None with the comedy scoring eight Emmy nominations this year.
Master of None season 2 Masterpiece Emmy billboard
Not only is the show up for Outstanding Comedy Series, but Aziz Ansari received his second Emmy nod for Lead Actor, whilst Angela Bassett also secured a nomination for Guest Actress.
Master of None season 2 Emmy noms billboard
Last year the freshman show won Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series and is once again nominated in this category for its sophomore season.
Master of None 2017 Emmy nominations billboard
Let's see if all these vibrant Emmy nominations billboards snapped along the Sunset Strip, Cahuenga Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue on August 8, 2017 and the next day, will help sway Television Academy voters as they drive by.
Master of None visionary comedy Emmy billboard
UPDATED: Here's also another 'Extraordinary' billboard for the Emmy nominee spotted along La Cienega Boulevard on August 22, 2017.
Master of None Extraordinary Emmy nominee billboard

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