Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Austrian airline billboards flying high in the skies of L.A...

My Austrian special extension airline billboard
These days it often feels like the Pan Am glory days of air travel are over, with airlines more concerned with our safety than having a nice experience onboard, and actually getting on a plane proving harder and less pleasant with each trip.
My Austrian airline billboard
At least My Austrian airlines are having fun evoking The Sound of Music movie connection to try and tempt passengers to fly their friendly skies all the way to Vienna (and yes we know the musical was filmed in Salzburg, not Vienna).
Vienna My Sound of Austria airline billboard
This eye-catching special extension cut-out airline billboard was spotted above L.A.'s Sunset Boulevard on March 16, plus later along Fairfax Avenue on April 4, 2017.
My Austrian special extension cutout billboard
My Austrian special extension billboard
For more fun airline ad creatives, make sure you check out these special extension Virgin America surfboard billboards, this 3D Air New Zealand sleep mask billboard and these sequentially changing Alaska Airlines LAX to Costa Rica billboards.
Vienna My Sound of Austria airline billboard
Have fun wherever you find yourself jetting off to this weekend, and whatever sights and sounds you end up enjoying.
My Austrian extension airline billboard
My Austrian special extension airline billboard
UPDATED: Here's another billboard example spotted flying high over La Cienega Boulevard on April 12, 2017.
My Austrian airline billboard

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