Saturday, April 1, 2017

Jungletown series premiere TV billboards...

Jungletown series premiere billboard
With the current U.S. President doing everything he can to doom the entire Earth by rolling back President Obama's efforts to reduce America's greenhouse gas emissions to help counter global warming, sometimes it makes you wonder whether we should just give it all up and just go out and enjoy the environment whilst we still can.
Jungletown series launch billboard
Viceland's new unscripted reality show Jungletown follows the new arrivals at Kalu Yala, an eco-friendly village in the Panamanian rain forest where interns learn new approaches to farming, the food they eat, economic and environmental sustainability, and maybe life itself.
Jungletown Seeking 600 interns billboard
These eye-catching series launch billboards for Jungletown were spied along the Sunset Strip on March 23 and above San Vicente Boulevard on March 28, 2017.
Utopia series premiere billboard
Meanwhile for another show with a similar, if not more mainstream premise, here's the series premiere billboard for Fox TV's Utopia snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard on September 22, 2014.
Jungletown Viceland TV series billboard
Plus for more Viceland shows, be sure to check out this Gaycation billboard and this Weediquette billboard.
Jungletown series launch billboard
If you're up for a jungle adventure, but from the comfort of your own armchair, maybe this is the new show for you.
Jungletown series launch billboard

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