Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Famous in Love series premiere TV billboards...

Famous in Love series premiere billboard
In Freeform's new series Famous in Love, Bella Thorne goes from small town college student to overnight movie star sensation after she lands a role in the hottest new Young Adult book adaptation.
Famous in Love TV billboard
Now she has to navigate love and life in Hollywoodland, discovering it's not all glamorous photoshoots and red carpet awards shows, especially as she wants to continue with her education, and maybe also find the time to discover what happened to a missing pop star.
Famous in Love series launch billboard
These glittering series launch billboards for the TV adaptation of Rebecca Serle's book of the same name were photographed along Fairfax Avenue and Sunset Boulevard on April 9, 2017.
Famous in Love season 1 billboard
Now if only all it took was one audition to make it big in La La Land, imagine how many happy people there would in Hollywood.
Famous in Love Freeform series billboard

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