Monday, April 3, 2017

13 Reasons Why series premiere TV billboards...

13 Reasons Why series premiere billboard
Once upon a time Netflix only had a few regular billboard sites around L.A., but these days the subscription streaming service really does dominate the city skyline with its outdoor ads for original shows, films, documentaries and comedy specials.
13 Reasons Why series launch billboard
The latest original series getting the heavyweight outdoor treatment is suicide drama 13 Reasons Why.
13 Reasons Why If youre listening billboard
13 Reasons Why Netflix billboards Sunset Strip
13 Reasons Why Youre too late billboard
Based on Jay Asher's best-selling 2007 young adult novel, the thirteen-episode season follows teenager 'Clay Jensen' (Dylan Minnette) as he explores the life of his classmate and high school crush, 'Hannah Baker' (Katherine Langford), and why she chose to kill herself.
13 Reasons Why TV series billboard
After her death, he receives thirteen home-recorded cassette tapes (remember those?) helping to explain the mystery and reasons surrounding her suicide and those she feels are responsible.
13 Reasons Why season 1 billboard
These billboards for the new binge-worthy Netflix series were photographed in multiple locations along the Sunset Strip and above Beverly Boulevard from March 27 to March 29, 2017.

This ad creative is really clever with 'Hannah' slightly out of focus as if she's supernaturally communicating from beyond the grave.
13 Reasons Why TV billboard
For anyone who's ever been bullied, or never felt like they fit in, you probably don't need thirteen reasons to tell you why high school can be hell, but once again it looks like all those hormones and highs and lows will make for great drama.
13 Reasons Why series premiere billboard

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