Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Boss Baby movie billboards...

Boss Baby giant billboard
A toddler who's in charge, now why is the premise of The Boss Baby so relevant at this moment in time?
Boss Baby movie billboard
Is it also a coincidence that finds Alec Baldwin voicing this infantile character in DreamWorks Animation's latest comedic offering following his recent high-profile SNL impersonation?
Boss Baby giant billboard
Hopefully providing families a break from the world of politics and scary happenings, this computer-animated tale is based on the 2010 picture book written and illustrated by Maria Frazee.
Boss Baby movie billboard
This film is a universal story about how a new baby affects a family (even if this one is a talking, business suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying new arrival), told from the perspective of his older seven-year-old brother who possesses a wildly overactive imaginative and involves foiling a diabolical plot by Puppy Co. to steal the affection of parents.
Ruthless toothless Boss Baby billboard
The 'Ruthless and toothless' special extension cut-out billboard was first spied on March 6, whilst the other 'Cookies are for closers' billboards, including the giant-sized version were snapped on March 13, 2017, along Wilshire Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard, respectively.
Giant Boss Baby movie billboard
At least you can sleep soundly tonight knowing this Boss Baby only his his pudgy little fingers on cookies and not on America's nuclear codes.
Cookies for closers Boss Baby billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a standard landscape version of the 'Ruthless and toothless' ad creative, snapped along Highland Avenue on March 15, 2017.
Ruthless toothless Boss Baby billboard

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