Sunday, March 26, 2017

Animals season two TV billboards...

Animals season 2 billboard
Do you ever wonder what your pet could say if they could talk? And what if all animals could talk and live in a decidedly more adult, gritty and depressing world than that portrayed in cheery films like Disney's Zootopia and Illumination's The Secret Life of Pets.
Animals season 2 billboard
New York City's Animals are back for a second outrageous animated season on HBO with a whole new host of famous names voicing the curious creatures, including Whoopi Goldberg, Jason Alexander, RuPaul, Usher, Tony Hale, Solange, Fred Armisen and more besides.
Animals season 2 billboard
These sophomore season billboards were snapped along the Sunset Strip and Highland Avenue from March 15 to March 23, 2017.

Fans of the show can also check out these fun season one billboards for Animals from the beginning of last year.
Animals season 2 billboard
If you like watching absurd animal antics, and we're not talking viral cat videos, tune in for all-new episodes to see what cats, dogs, birds, chimps, mice, fleas, cockroaches, and even amoebas, get up to in their daily lives.
Animals season 2 HBO billboard

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