Sunday, February 5, 2017

Z: The Beginning of Everything series premiere TV billboards...

Z Beginning of Everything series premiere billboard
Are you ready to travel back in time to Z: The Beginning of Everything?

Christina Ricci stars as 'Zelda Fitzgerald' in Amazon Studio's 1920s period drama based on the book by Therese Anne Fowler.
Z Beginning of Everything billboard
Z begins before Zelda meets the unpublished writer 'F. Scott Fitzgerald' and chronicles the affair and marriage of the celebrity couple in the media spotlight.

These series launch billboards were snapped along Wilshire Boulevard on January 29 and along Highland Avenue on February 1, 2017.
Z Beginning of Everything TV billboard
Fans of Christina Ricci can also enjoy these Pan Am TV series billboards from 2011 and these billboards for The Lizzie Borden Chronicles from 2015.
Z Beginning of Everything Amazon billboard
If you like the Roaring Twenties time period, make sure you also check out these movie billboards for The Great Gatsby remake from 2013.

If this is just the beginning, let's wait and see if Z gets a second season.
Z Beginning of Everything billboard

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