Saturday, February 18, 2017

Shot on iPhone 7 billboards...

Shot on iPhone 7 Surfer Olym L billboard
At the start of 2017 Apple is once again filling the crowded city skyline with user-generated imagery from its 'World Gallery' with billboards from its new Shot on iPhone 7 ad campaign.
Shot iPhone 7 misty city skyline billboard
The award-winning campaign continues to evolve as the tech giant updates its smartphone models and this series of billboards has a thematically darker tone, framed in black, following on from their recent black-hued iPhone 7 launch billboards.
Shot on iPhone 7 Jeremy PC billboard
This amateur photography approach has really helped soften the techy image of the brand, whilst instantly highlighting the camera functions of the product, made even more important in these days of social media and oversharing every aspect of our lives through photos.
Shot on iPhone 7 Jennifer B billboard
Shot on iPhone 7 Rualridh M billboard
The dark-framed nighttime and dusky imagery looks really striking against Southern California's blue skies, but it'll be interesting to see if this technique has the same longevity, flexibility and lightness of spirit that the white Apple border and background adverts supplied.
Shot on iPhone 7 Reuben W Clouds billboard
What do you think of these new images and do you have any favourites? Daily Billboard has been seeing lots of searches for this fresh new campaign, so if you're one of the photographers featured let us know.
Shot on iPhone 7 Surfer billboard Sunset Strip
These eye-catching Shot on iPhone 7 billboards were photographed around the streets of L.A., Sunset Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard, Bundy Drive, La Cienega Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard and more, from January 31 to February 15, 2017.
Shot on iPhone 7 Jennifer B billboard
Shot on iPhone 7 Jeremy PC billboard
If you like these billboards, be sure to also compare these darker ad creatives to Apple's earlier Shot on iPhone outdoor ad campaigns from recent years.
Shot on iPhone 7 Cave billboard
Others have tried to emulate this visual user-generated approach in their advertising in recent times, for example these similar I'm Here There Everywhere billboards and even these 3 2 1 billboards for Facebook Live.
Shot on iPhone 7 Arif J billboard
Daily Billboard is sure it won't be long before we get another wave of these darker ad creatives and the designs are also rotated around the city to freshen the campaign up.

Keep watching this space for more.
Shot on iPhone 7 Bridge billboard
UPDATED: Here's another cool cityscape ad creative spotted at Hollywood's Sunset & Vine on February 19, 2017 (photographer Jennifer B. is certainly popular this time around).
Shot on iPhone 7 Jennifer B billboard
Plus more super-sized portrait billboards spied on the other sides of Sunset Vine Towers on a sunnier February 23, 2017.
Shot on iPhone 7 Cocu L billboard Sunset Vine
Shot on iPhone 7 Elsa B billboard Sunset Vine
And here's also the landscape version of the striking pink ad creative snapped along Pico Boulevard on February 22, 2017.
Shot on iPhone 7 Elsa B billboard

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