Monday, February 20, 2017

Bates Motel final fifth season TV billboards...

Bates Motel final season 5 billboard
The past few years has seen its fair share of TV prequel shows, from Hannibal to Gotham, Fear the Walking Dead to Better Call Saul, all exploring what came before fan favorite film franchises and television series.
Bates Motel season 5 billboard
Some have fared better than others, and A&E's critically-acclaimed contemporary Psycho movie prequel series, Bates Motel, will take its final bow with its fifth and final season this year.
Bates Motel final season billboard
Over the seasons we've seen Freddie Highmore's 'Norman Bates' growing pains through his teenage years and experienced the complicated and creepy relationship with his mother 'Norma' (Vera Farmiga), which transformed him into a psycho killer.

One more thing to look for this season is Rihanna's cameo as the infamous 'Marion Crane' from Alfred Hitchcock's iconic movie, if anyone can scream in the shower, she can.
Bates Motel final season 5 billboard
These perfectly disturbing final season five billboards were first snapped above West Hollywood's Sunset Plaza on January 31, 2017, and further west along the Sunset Strip the next day.
Bates Motel final season 5 billboard
Fans of the show can also enjoy all these previous season promo and Emmy consideration billboards for Bates Motel.
Bates Motel season 5 billboard
There comes a time when everyone must check out, now is the time to close the door and switch off the flickering neon sign of the Bates Motel. But one thing's for sure, Norman and his mother will be together until the bitter end.
Bates Motel final season 5 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also the Emmy consideration billboard for the fifth season, spotted along Fairfax Avenue on June 2, 2017. The series may have ended, but there's still time to win some awards.
Bates Motel season 5 Emmy FYC billboard

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