Friday, January 6, 2017

The BABs - Best Advertising Billboard Awards 2016...

Now that the New Year festivities are well and truly over (and hopefully the hangovers too) and everyone's getting back into the swing of nine to five work, it's time to announce Daily Billboard's annual BAB Award winners for 2016. Each year we try and shine a spotlight on the out-of-home ideas and ad creatives that have really stood out in the skies of L.A. these past twelve months in the world of TV, film, fashion, food, drinks, travel and more besides.

3D Kylo Ren lightsaber Disneyland Star Wars Awakens billboard
First up is this awesome 3D special installation for Disneyland's Star Wars Awakens attractions which featured an illuminated LED lightsaber and the three-dimensional arm of villain 'Kylo Ren', created by Atomic Props & Effects and Lithographix for Disney Parks.
3D Kylo Ren lightsaber Disneyland Star Wars Awakens billboards
This visual spectacle which looked amazing by day and night, had great positioning at the exit/entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood to capture the attention of all the theme park enthusiasts passing by from April 2016.

This special installation helped build on the success of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, so be sure to check out how this billboard gimmick complemented Disneyland's Star Wars Awakens outdoor ad campaign. The Force was certainly strong with this billboard idea.
Disneyland 3D Kylo Ren lightsaber Star Wars billboard
Meanwhile other notable examples also included this Grease: Live singing and dancing billboard along the Sunset Strip at the end of January and this special 3D Tomb Raider Jeep billboard installation from New York City's Broadway this Fall.

Sing Pig Flashdance spoof special extension billboard
The clear winner of this year's BAB for Best Special Extension Billboard was this hilarious Flashdance parody featuring 'Gunter the Pig' from Illumination's animated comedy Sing, snapped around the streets of L.A. at the end of 2016.

Kids will just think the sequin-wearing pig is funny, whilst those of an older generation will smile at the nostalgic nod to Jennifer Beals in the 1983 movie, but regardless your age it made Daily Billboard's heart sing.

This was certainly the most eye-catching billboard from the outdoor ad campaign, but be sure to also check out all the other Sing movie billboards turning heads in the city skies in December.
Gunter Pig Flashdance Sing movie extension billboard
Meanwhile other special extension cut-out billboards that caught our magpie eye the most this past year were these Star Trek: Beyond billboards, these Assassin's Creed movie billboards and these MacGyver TV remake billboards.

Deadpool movie billboard
If there was one superhero who made a very unique impression in the skies of L.A. this year, it was Marvel Comics Deadpool.

The Fox Studios marketing team really seemed to have fun with the R-Rated potty-mouthed anti-hero, even making the conventional costumed super-hero poses interesting, spoofing Valentine's Day romance movies and embracing the emojis that kids love so much these days.
Deadpool Valentines Day spoof billboard
The outdoor campaign at the beginning of 2016 perfectly fit the spirit of the quirky fourth wall-breaking character, so make sure you check out these other Deadpool movie billboards to see for yourself.
Deadpool movie emoji billboard
Other movie outdoor campaigns that really drew attention in the skies these past twelve months were the billboards for The Jungle Book and these Sausage Party movie billboards.

DTF Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 billboard
In the world of television there were so many ad creative examples that stood out this year, but Daily Billboard's favourite TV ad campaign was for the sophomore season of Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt comedy.

The billboards took the simple idea of Ellie Kemper's titular character pulling expressive faces and combined them with Kimmy's unique innocent outlook on life, so urban slang abbreviations like 'DTF' became 'Dang that's funny', 'SMD ' was 'Strawberry Milkshake Day' and 'MILF' hilariously translated as 'My interesting lady friend'.
SMD Kimmy Schmidt season 2 billboard
The idea also extended into Netflix's Emmy awards consideration campaigning for the show, so enjoy all these examples of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season two billboards. What a fudging great idea this was.
FYC Kimmy Schmidt season 2 billboard
Other notable contenders for the TV BAB Award included these mysterious American Horror Story: Roanoke teaser billboards, The Walking Dead's season seven Negan billboards and Westworld's launch Vitruvian Woman billboards.

Alaska Airlines LAX Costa Rica special extension billboard
In the world of travel and tourism Alaska Airlines did something different and brought some fun to the skies of Sunset Boulevard at the same time with this ever-changing billboard campaign for its nonstop flights from LAX to Costa Rica.
Alaska Airlines LAX to Costa Rica special extension billboard
Running from around mid-July to mid-August to billboard added tropical flora and fauna extensions to its design to create a visual spectacle, and clearly communicate its exotic destination, for passersby along the busy commuter route.
Alaska Airlines LAX Costa Rica extension billboard
This year both international and domestic airlines seemed active in the city skyline, with American Airlines, Air France, Delta, Lufthansa and more trying to attract passengers to fly with them, so the fact that this special billboard campaign stood out amongst all its competition shows it did a good job.

amenities sometimes available other airlines Virgin America billboard
And speaking of airlines, even though it was acquired by Alaska Airlines this year, Virgin America still managed to deliver a series of outdoor ads that had its own distinctive voice and humour using mainly copy.
flight power struggle Virgin America billboard
Let's hope the airline doesn't lose any of its fun personality in the future as it's absorbed into its new parent.
On demand entertainment window Virgin America billboard
If you like these ad creatives from Fall 2016, you can also check out these previous Virgin America billboards which highlight the airline's unique brand positioning.

Häagen-Dazs universal world for indulgence äah billboard
In the world of food, Häagen-Dazs served up some delicious ice-cream billboards to tempt Los Angelenos and passing visitors in May and June 2016.
Häagen-Dazs 56 years making äah billboard
Their indulgent 'äah' ad campaign was stylish, witty, on brand and made Daily Billboard's mouth water just looking at all the luxurious ice-cream.
Häagen-Dazs walk into a bar äah billboard
Other ad campaigns which stood out in this category also included these vibrant Cuties special extension billboards.

Estrella Jalisco Mexican beer billboard
Mexican beer brand Estrella Jalisco crossed the border in style in 2016 and filled the skies with a vibrant assortment of ads to tempt thirsty beer fans, helping them to nab themselves a coveted BAB Award.
Estrella Jalisco Mexican beer billboard
Featuring colourful, interesting designs that reflected the cultural heritage of beer, this really was a cohesive outdoor campaign that stood out in a cluttered market of other refreshing brews competing in the city skyline. By the looks of things it'll take more than building a wall to keep this beer off the shelves.
Estrella Jalisco Mexican beer billboard
Meanwhile the other drinks brand, in the world of soft beverages, that really had an impact this past Summer were these Hubert's Lemonade billboards with their vibrant emoji-tthemed ad creatives.

Lane Bryant This Body Danielle Brooks billboard
And finally for this year's purely subjective outdoor advertising awards, Lane Bryant really put on a show-stopping display of real-life beauty with its 'This Body' ad campaign featuring actresses Danielle Brooks and Gabourey Sidibe.
Lane Bryant This Body Gabourey Sidibe billboard
The stylish black and white billboards shot by Cass Bird celebrated real women's bodies, with fuller figures and big personalities, which shone through in the city skylines of Hollywood and New York City's Times Square.

And in a year which has seen politics and people sink so low with their hatred, sexism, xenophobia and racism, it was especially important to see women of colour represented in these bold, uplifting and empowering fashion ads.
Lane Bryant This Body Danielle Brooks billboard
Daily Billboard is constantly surprised, delighted and engaged by the constant parade of advertising billboards filling L.A.'s skyline week after week, month after month, so let's hope the innovation, creativity and eye-catching spectacle continues in 2017.

What do you think of the awards recipients for 2016? Were any of the billboard designs your agency or company's work? If so, please let us know so we can credit your achievement.

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to capture all the visions in vinyl and outdoor excitement in the city skyline every year, but from the feedback we receive it's nice to know we're appreciated and that someone is enjoying what we do.

Here's to another successful and exciting year. Don't be a stranger.


  1. Hello! Thanks for this! The Sing! outdoor was placed by Kinetic Worldwide in LA and printed by Midnight Oil in LA.